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Reed switch and its application in the security of your home

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The tasks of a micro switch manufacturer are not only limited to creating a mini version of a product, but also being able to see the potential of the switches.

We have talked a lot about the tasks of a micro switch manufacturer and that it has had to evolve over time, creating new versions not only improved, but very different from what is now its most beloved product.

A micro switch manufacturer is not only dedicated to creating micro switches, but can also create switches of different types, which serve to be part of larger systems, which are sometimes more sensitive and delicate than many others.

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It is common to see that both predecessor and predecessor are together in the same factory, always serving the wishes and needs of customers.

It must be said that there is more than one micro switch manufacturer dedicated to the diverse manufacture of their product, and therefore they have hundreds of versions of a micro switch available in their catalog, a device that has improved the quality of life of many, achieving great advances and the incorporation of technology in areas where we would never have imagined.

Today we will talk a little about what a reed switch is and how it has earned a special place not only in the world of electronics, but also in the homes of most families, becoming an important ally.

Reed switch and his applications at home.

One of the switches that has not lost its value and whose use has been maintained for so long, even before the imminent imposition of the micro switch as the most requested product, is the reed switch.

This reed switch is popularly known as the reed switch, and is that its physical shape is very different from what we knew about a switch. It is an item with some ferrous contacts that were vacuum packed.

The reed switch is capable of reacting to magnetic fields, so its use is quite specific, and it cannot be easily replaced, and to do so, you must ensure that the next element also has this property.

One of the peculiarities of this switch is that it is very sensitive to changes, so if it is in the presence of a magnetic field, it immediately reacts, but this reaction can be different in many cases, for example, if its contacts are it is in an "open" state and they are exposed to a magnetic field immediately they will close, but if they are in a "closed" state and they are exposed to a magnetic field they will open, let's say it reacts by cycles.

Its main use is related to home security since it acts as a sensor, rather, they are part of sensors that are installed in doors and windows as part of a security system.

It must be understood that the magnets are attached to the doors and windows, so if they are separated from the reed switch it will send an impulse that in turn will turn on the alarms, since it will no longer be close to the electric field and will react to this immediately.

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