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They're utilized to control many unique circuits using one switch. These devices have some advantages over other switches because turning the actuator may turn circuits off or on based on the place and lots of different actuation places are potential. Rotary switches may also be made to have many contacts occurring at once on a single switch place. While rotary switches are available on several kinds of industrial equipment, they may also be present in consumer gear like in an automobile for fixing things such as fan speed. Rotary switches have become less common, since complicated switching surgeries are being performed with electronics such as touchscreens. Mechanical rotary switches continue to be used nevertheless, especially in equipment where a computer failure may be a security issue.

Rotary switches have a rotating spindle. The rotors are really on a spindle and every strand includes an arm casting external that may make contact with a terminal once the switch is at a specific position. Based upon the amount of rotors, the change may have heaps of distinct positions, and every one can be connected to a certain circuit.

This mechanism makes the change"click" into place and keep in place until sufficient force is used, preventing the change from turning and being placed in the incorrect setting unintentionally. A detent employs a wheel with notches or grooves cut and attached to the rotor. After the wheel reaches the right position by a spring-loaded ball piece of spring steel pressing the wheel presses to the groove holding it into position.

Unionwell's Rotary Switch Division encompasses a wide variety of switching and signaling alternatives, management knobs and other high quality parts from all around the world.

Our engineering team can alter shafts, bushings and shifting schemes to make a remedy for your specific needs which could be accomplished quickly.

Dependability and ruggedness are Unionwell's heart competencies. Our most common rotary and coded switches, in addition to our encoders could be panel-sealed up to IP68 against dust and moisture. Our electric contacts are plated with hard gold to guarantee years of trouble-free support from the area.

Rotary switch types

rotary dimmer switch

rotary on off switch

2 position rotary switch

3 position rotary switch

4 position rotary switch

5 position rotary switch

6 position rotary switch

12 position rotary switch

3 way rotary switch

rotary limit switch

rotary timer switch

grayhill rotary switch


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