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Should protection circuits be applied to a micro switch?

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All appliances that are subject to electrical charges must have surge protectors, so you can protect their functionality.

When dealing with elements that will be exposed to voltages (whether they are high or low), it is always recommended that there be some type of protection for them, thus not only ensuring that this does not alter the functions of the elements that are connected to it, You also protect its integrity, granting it a long useful life.

Each micro switch manufacturer knows well the risks that can be presented when connecting the switches to the current, and although they are designed to operate their functions with certain electrical loads, by themselves they are not protected against voltage fluctuations.

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This is why a ready-made micro switch manufacturer knows that although your device alone cannot protect itself, it can rely on another device that only performs this function.

The first degree of protection a micro switch manufacturer must place on your product is that which is free from damage that can be caused by the environment, for example, a protector against humidity and dust. This type of protection can be included in the equipment, and like many other protection scales, it comes in tiers.

Each indicator will tell you against which elements you can protect the micro switch, the choice must be made according to the needs of each person, and also the conditions under which the micro switch will be subjected.

One of the tips that experts give about protecting micro switches is to install a protective circuit, but there are many types of circuits.

The most common protective circuits are:


When diodes are connected in parallel to loads, it is capable of transforming the energy stored in the coil into current. This implies that the current going to the coil is consumed. This creates a great resistance that protects the micro switch.

Resistor and capacitor circuits

Although it is in a circuit that is composed of many more elements than the previous one, it is ideal to be with micro switches that are connected to 24 V to 48 V power supplies. This circuit is usually connected in parallel to the load, while if the equipment handles voltages between 100 V and 200 V, it will be placed parallel to the contacts.


It is a circuit quite similar to that of resistors and capacitors, but this ensures in particular that there is no voltage on the contacts.

These are just some of the basic circuits that can be connected to a micro switch so that it is protected against damage that it may suffer through the various voltage fluctuations that can occur unexpectedly.

There are several circuits whose protection is oriented to certain specific points, and also to certain characteristics, since we know that each micro switch is different, that is, there is more than one type and they work with different voltage loads, so the protection they need varies.

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