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Some Important Micro Switch Button Terms You Should Know

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Some Important Micro Switch Terms You Should Know

An increasingly important part of any electrical or electronic system is a micro switch. They have become so popular that they are almost indispensable in every of such appliances. It is no longer a question of whether an appliance is using a micro switch or not. Instead, it is now an issue of how sophisticated the switch is. Thus, if you are going to get very far with what you know about switches, then you ought to familiarize yourself with some terminologies that are exclusive to it. You could get started with these ones. 

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One important feature about a micro switch is its ability to change its state. That change of state is made possible with actuators. These actuators allow for a little mechanical force to spur the switch into action. Actuators are available in several design formats. They can exist as levers or as buttons, or something else. Whatever it is, it must be something that can cause the micro switch to change its state. The most suitable type of actuator for a particular system is what determines the actuator type to be used. Take for instance, when you are dealing on car doors, buttons will work best as actuators. That way, the state of the car door can be easily altered by merely pushing the button. 

Terminal Covers

A micro switch can get bad when it is exposed to certain environmental conditions or contaminants. A terminal cover protects the micro switch from being ruined by contaminants. Another reason for having terminal covers in a micro switch is because they serve as a protective means to stop the terminals from any possible shorting. It is also not safe for the micro switch terminals to touch the operators, as that could cause an accident. Terminal covers are equally there to make sure such incidence never happens. 


The job of a lever is to help set the actuator into motion. Without the lever, the actuator may never kick into action. Levers come in different sizes and designs, making them suitable for a variety of applications that cannot work without them. 

Hex Nuts

A micro switch has to be fitted and be in position for it to work as expected. The hex nuts is what helps to make that happen. Manufacturers thread the hex nuts on the micro switch to help keep it in place. Some switches are positioned in a way that they are beneath the surface with an actuator that faces upward. This type of switch are the ones that need hex nuts the most. Thanks to these hex nuts, it will be easy to reach and secure the micro switch whenever it is needed. It can equally be removed without any stress. 

Case materials

The micro switch is designed to last long otherwise the purpose of making it will be completely useless. Case materials are used for covering the micro switch components. They are normally hard. A common material like fiberglass or others are employed for manufacturing these parts. There are other situations where special materials will be needed, and that has to be used accordingly. In some other instances where vibration and shock present a real challenge, rubber can be a good choice of material. Steel and zinc are some other materials that are being used in making case materials for micro switch. 


This is more of a boot. Seated over the actuator’s top, the caps help to protect the switch, as well as providing it a unique identification. 


A boot is normally placed over the actuator’s top, as well as other parts to stop it from ingression or it could be used as a form of identification. They are sometimes color-coded in order to show that they are part of a circuit. Micro switches can equally be outfitted with color codes so they can be easily located or spotted whenever you are trying to identify them. 

Contact materials

As you may have already suggested, it is just as the name goes. There are different criteria for choosing contact materials. In most cases, durability is one good criteria for selecting a contact material. In other instances, that decision could be driven by something else. Materials for making contact actually comprise nickel, brass, silver, gold, as well as many other alloys. The stationary and moving parts can also be built from different materials. There are also other considerations such as whether the material is double cladded or not. Overall, materials have to be worth it for them to be used in creating contact materials.

The Operational life Micro Switch 

As far as micro switch go, equipment have high life cycle. So high that they get measured in their millions of cycle. That is why consumer items come with light modeled switches compared to industrial equipment. But because these items are not expensive it doesn’t take anything to upgrade them to switches that will have extended life cycles. 

Operating and releasing force

Forces are normally quantified in Newton, and these ones are no exceptions. The operating force is what describes how much force is need to trigger the switch, while the exerted force by the switch is what releasing force stands for. So any how you look at things, these forces are meant to accompany the switch whenever there is a change of state of any sort. 

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These are some of the many terms that are used with micro switches. If you don’t know jack about these terms, you would be putting yourself in a very tight spot as to how you can use the switch. But if you have all these terminologies at the back of your hand, and know them inside out, that puts you at advantage regarding how you can use them. We provide you with more than just micro switch terms. You can trust us to deliver high-quality and reliable micro switches for any project of your choice. As a renowned micro switch manufacturer, we’ll be glad to give you all you need in regards.

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