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Some little Known Basic Things About Miniature Snap-Action Micro Switches

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Some little Known Basic Things About Miniature Snap-Action Micro Switches

Micro switches are snap action precision changeover switches that have a small contact gap. This snap action defines the changeover switch where the contact breaking or making speed is independent of the actuator's operating speed. It is usually called a snap action switch as well. 

One of the things that make the microswitch so outstanding and a preferred option by many people is its uniqueness compared to conventional switches. Microswitches come with some distinctive characteristics that make them stand out. 

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The outstanding characteristics include:

• An increased service life

• Better electrical properties

• A reduced operating travel usually tenths of a millimeter

• A reduced-size to fit into limited sizes in different devices, applications, and appliances

• Reduced vibration and high acceleration sensitivity

The above characteristics help one make the right decision when picking the right micro switch manufacturer or supplier. 

In most cases, a microswitch is used to detect absence and presence where contact with different objects is permissible. The micro switch is also used in applications that need an on and off action from time to time. The switches come with contacts and springs to help convert mechanical energy applied to the plunger or the actuator into electrical output. 

You should pick a microswitch in conditions where saving on weight and space is important. The microswitch has brought a great revolution in different industries and cannot be taken lightly. 

Working principle

Micro switches make contact with objects physically. With physical contact, contacts change their position. There is a basic working principle. 

When you have the plunger in rest or released position:

• The NO circuit is usually electrically insulated

• The NO circuit is capable of carrying current. 

When the plunger is switched or depressed:

• In this case, the NC circuit is normally open

• The NO circuit remains closed

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The way a micro switch is constructed is rather simple. It has the main parts as:

• An actuator or a plunger

• A cover

• A moving piece

• A support

• A case

• The NO terminal

• The NC terminal

• Contact

• Moving arm

Different types of actuators can be used in a microswitch. The selection usually depends on the function that the switch is supposed to fulfill. Some plunger types include:

• Pin plunger: it is a good option for direct strokes where high-precision detection of the position is possible. In this case, the overtravel is the shortest, and therefore it needs a reliable stopper.

• Spring pin plunger: this is a bit longer than the pin option. However, the same applications can be used. The diameter is larger, and it requires loads to be at the center.

• Spring short pin plunger: the over travel is rather large. It is a short plunger with a larger diameter making alignment easy.

• Panel mount pin plunger: this plunger has the largest over travel compared to other plunger types. The micro switch is mounted to a panel using a locknut and a hexagonal nut. The position may be easily adjusted using the nuts. This plunger can be mechanically or manually operated. It can be combined with a cam.

There are many other options that you can choose from as far as plungers and other components are concerned. Making the right choice from Unionwell guarantees functionality and efficiency. 


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