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Tact Switch

Tact switches are generally utilized in many consumer electronics devices. They've a small footprint and come in several sizes and g forces.

Unionwell goods have an established record in the electronic equipment sector, in which high reliability is expected concerning contact equilibrium, a wide operating temperature range and higher durability. Alps Alpine's extensive lineup provides many versions of parameters such as working direction and feel and mounting method along with streamlined, low-profile and incredibly durable layouts. Catering to the requirements of a broad assortment of markets, our many models incorporate the SKTQ Series for automotive use, filling the demand to get a middle-stroke change, and also the SKSW Series for smartphones using high watertight performance.

Unionwell supplies a extensive selection of miniature tactile, ultra-miniature tactile and micro mini tactile buttons for printed circuit board mounting.

Tact switch applications

When it comes to change tactics, Unionwell tactile switches would be the favorite interface solution for programs such as:

handheld applications (power and selection switches, volume control, keyfobs)

automotive (air bags, heating/AC, door handles, column switches)

industrial (control panels, instrumentation, power supplies)

telecom/network equipment

consumer (cell phones, headsets, remote controls, wearable electronics)

medical (hearing aids, health diagnostics, portable equipment)

telecom/network equipment

computer (keyboards)

Tact switch types

panasonic tact switch

micro tact switch

6mm tact switch

9.5 mm high tact switch

tact switch 12x12

momentary 6mm tact switch

9.5mm high tact switch

waterproof tact switch

double action tact switch

arduino tact switch

tact switch 4 pin


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We are a switch manufacturing enterprise with more than 25 years’ experience in making switches. All of our switches have UL, ENEC, EK, CQC etc. approvals. Our switches are widely used in electronic instruments, home appliances, automotive electronics and electric tools, annual production capacity more than 300 million pcs of switches.
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