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Technical Explanation Of Basic Components Using In Micro Switch

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Fundamental Components of Micro Switch

Micro switch is a really sensitive switch,often employed within the subject of digital equipment,instruments,mines,power systems,household appliances,electrical equipment. Although that the switch is small,it plays an integral role. The mechanical life of micro-switches is generally 100,000,200,000,500,000,1 million occasions,3 million occasions,5 million occasions,8 million times.The highest can attain 10 million times.The micro switch is usually composed of the following basic elements.


First, Terminals

Terminals are significant components for linking switches to external circuits. According into the connection method,it can be classified into solder terminals,PCB terminals,etc. ,as below.

Secondly, Housing

The housing is used to protect the snap-action mechanism and contacts.The shell substance is principally divided into recyclable thermoplastic resins and non-recyclable thermosetting resins. Generally,thermoplastic resins are used.If mechanical strength,heat resistance and flame retardance are required,the thermosetting resin may be used to generate the housing.

Third, Contacts

The contact is the crux of the micro-switch,and that the contact is an important part for doing the opening/closing operation of the circuit. You can decide on the contact material and shape based on the voltage and current from the circuit.

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