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The intricate construction and functioning of a microswitch

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The intricate construction and functioning of a microswitch

A microswitch is a snap action miniature switch, and it is actuated using little force. It uses a tipping-point mechanism, which is also called an over-center mechanism, to work. Usually, the switching happens in repeatable and specific positions of an actuator. This is not always the case with other types of mechanisms. 

The reason why micro switches are so common is because of their durability and low cost. They can handle a million cycles or even more, depending on the model in question. The heavy-duty models can handle more. The durability of the microswitch is because of its design. 

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The feature that truly defines a micro switch is that when the actuator button moves relatively small, a large movement of other electrical contacts is witnessed. This happens at very high speeds despite the actuation speed. 

The best designs usually exhibit hysteresis. This means that the contacts cannot be reversed if there is a small actuator reversal. To do this, there has to be a significant movement towards the opposite direction. These characteristics make it possible for the user to achieve a reliable and clean interruption to the circuit. 

The microswitch has been in use since 1932. Today, the name microswitch has become synonymous with snap action switches. There are so many companies out there handling the snap switches today. It is always important to choose your microswitch supplier carefully to ensure you get the best value for money.



The internals is not hard to understand. They are usually common, normally closed, and normally open. There are different types of microswitches, and choosing a micro switch manufacturer usually has to do with the kind of experience you are trying to get at the end of the day. 

There is a type of micro switch that has two conductive springs. It also has a flat spring, long and hinged, at the very end and on the other electrical contacts. They come with a curved soring preloaded, meaning it is compressed over the assembly period. The spring attempts to extend itself. This spring is connected between a flat spring located close to the contacts and a fulcrum near the flat spring midpoint. Usually, an actuator presses the flat spring close to the hinge point. 

Usually, the flat spring is well anchored and has string tension. This makes it possible for the curved spring to move it towards the right. The curved spring, therefore, pulls or presses the flat spring in an upward manner. This means the spring does not move to the anchor point. The upward force exerted is usually proportional to displacement that decreases with the flat spring moving downwards.

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When the actuator starts to depress, it ends up flexing the flat spring. The curved spring, in this case, ensures that all the electrical contacts are in contact. When it is flexed to the right position, it releases enough force that collapses the curved spring. This action causes the contacts to start moving. 

When the flat spring starts mobbing downwards, it causes the upward force of the spring to reduce. This leads to an acceleration of motion even when the actuator does not move again. This causes the flat spring to impact the NO contact. 


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