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The main advantages of using a micro switch

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The main advantages of using a micro switch

Snap-action switches or micro switches are very important in many industries. This is why people actively look for the most reliable micro switch supplier and manufacturer to meet their needs. Snap action refers to a sudden change in the state of contacts. 

Microswitches find use in different applications. Many limit switches are actually snap action. 

The main feature of a micro switch is a tipping point or over-center that creates specific operating and release points where a change of state occurs. 

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• Trip or operating point is where a change of state occurs 

• Reset or release point is where the microswitch goes back to its normal position

• Differential travel is the distance between the release and operating point

The release and operating points are usually separated to protect contacts from rapid on and off because of vibrations that may shorten the switches operating life. This is not desirable. 

There is the over travel built-in feature to prevent switch damage, allowing the actuator to go beyond the operating point. 

To reduce mechanical damage and stress, it is important that the actuator be not beyond the allowed travel distance. 

Benefits associated with the use of micro switches

Precise performance

There are switches where actuator movement causes the movement of contacts. However, in a micro switch, the contacts do not change the state. This only happens when the actuator gets to a specific reset or trip point within a motion range. 

Reduced arcing damage due to fast switching speeds

In electromechanical switches, switching speed refers to the closing and opening speed. 

The high speeds extinguish arcs at a faster rate. This means less damage to contact surfaces that usually occur due to arcing. 

Reliable switching

In a micro switch, the contact movements do not depend on the movement and speed of the actuator. This means that unless the switch is almost reaching the end of its life, you can expect a predictable changing state of the contacts.  

Selecting a micro switch

Selecting a micro switch should be done in the best way possible. When picking a micro switch supplier, it is important to ensure that they have what is needed for your process.

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Selecting a micro switch depends on:

• Actuator type

You need to consider the actuator type available in the micro switch what do you need? A pin, a lever, or a push button? How short or how long does the actuator need to be? How small or how big should it be? The action switch manufacturer should lay out all specifications to help make the right choice. 

• Electrical ratings

This is an important thing to consider. Find out the type of power supply you need to use. Is the supply DC or AC? What is the voltage? The other thing that you should determine is the highest current contacts will have. This aids in making the right choice. 

• Pole and throw

To determine the number of piles needed in the switch, it is important to know how many movable contacts are there. The number of contacts (fixed) determines the number of throws that are needed. 

• Enclosure

Where will the switch be operating? It is important to find a micro switch manufacturer that creates micro switches with the right NEMA and IP rating to ensure it is protected from different conditions. 

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