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Top 10 Micro Switch Manufacturers In China

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The micro switch industry has become a competitive industry. Manufacturers are thinking of how they can reduce the cost of producing their micro switch without compromising its quality. But while some sincere and hardworking manufacturers are doing their best to please their buyers, the unscrupulous ones aren’t doing anything but sell fake micro switches to unsuspecting buyers. 

But with the increasing number of people who are prepared to make their micro switch high quality and more affordable, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. 

There are different micro switch manufacturers around China, but which ones would promise high quality at an affordable price? There might be different factors one would need to consider before making the right choice. However, it would be best if you knew where to get the best quality for a little less. 

This article will be exposing you to 10 of the greatest Micro Switch Manufacturers around the globe. Connect with any of these, and you would be glad you did. Let us get started with the very first on our list.

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1.Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Site: www.microswitch-china.com

From every indication, the biggest names in the micro switch industry seem to be surfacing from the East. It is really no surprise that the best manufacturers are situated around here because the producers are much in number. There is a high competition for customers, so only those with the best pieces will eventually sweep the market. Here are some of the reasons why this company has made waves in micro switch, as well as why they are now in the spotlight.

Their micro switch are super sensitive – micro switches are for protection as much as they are for controlling a device. They help regulate the amount of current that flows inside the circuit of any device. The more sensitive they are at detecting current fluctuations, the better and more reliable they will be as micro switches. Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co.,Ltd. has a superb trademark in delivering the best and most sensitive micro switches that you can find in China. Their switches have been designed and executed perfectly to do the job of sensitivity to a high degree. It does the necessary mechanical actions when it notices a current magnitude that could cause harm to the system. So if you are looking to buy a micro switch from any manufacturer, you should take out time to check the sensitivity of the switch. 

Durability is on the high side – buying a micro switch that is not going to last the test of time is like putting an electronic device in the direct line of fire. It is not only uncharacteristic, but it is equally unwise. Micro switch durability is a property one should not disregard when they are buying one. When you buy a micro switch from Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co.,Ltd., you can be rest assured that it is going to last you for a while; long enough to justify how much you bought it. 

Unfortunately, a good number of micro switch manufacturers worldwide are seriously falling short in this regards. They will tell you all sort of encouraging stories about their switch, only for you to apply it in your project and get your biggest shock. You do not only lose your money when you buy such items, but it’s also a complete waste of time if you take a critical view of things. So you can only cut yourself loose from the plenty lies that are told by unscrupulous micro switch sellers when you buy high-quality, long-lasting micro switches from the right micro switch manufacturers. 

2. Dongnan Electronics Co., Ltd.

site: www.switch-china.com

This is another trusted destination from which you can always buy your high-quality micro switch anytime any day. If experience is anything to go by when you are considering where to get the best micro switches, then you cannot make a purchase without considering Dongnan Electronics Co., Ltd. In the aspect of reliable micro switch products, these guys have got virtually everything you can ever think of. But their micro switch have got some of the most striking features, which is why they are on the spotlight today. Here is what you need to know about their products:

Reliability is priceless – the reliability of a micro switch cannot be taken for granted when you are buying such items from any micro switch manufacturers. That is one of the first things you have to take into consideration. A micro switch is as good as its reliability. A low reliability will mean a poorly made micro switch. And vice versa. Dongnan Electronics Co., Ltd has been able to rip the market apart because their micro switch products have a remarkable reliability rate that makes it efficient when compared with other options. It is so highly reliable that it can be used along with any device, without failing at any instant. 

Durability is never in doubt – You really need a firsthand experience regarding the long lifespan of these micro switches. If a micro switch has been made a part of any device, it has to stay long enough to be able to perform it functions. That is because if it breaks down all of a sudden, that could be putting the operational status of the device at great risk. Dongnan Electronics Co., Ltd has ensured that their micro switches are water proof, and resistant to most environmental conditions you want to think of. 

A highly efficient product – it is not enough for a micro switch option to be durable. There is a need for it to switch between states fast. The faster it can respond to those changes or activation, the better it will be for the product. Dongnan Electronics Co., Ltd has an efficient product in their micro switch. They have been able to impact the market greatly because their products have served its purpose in every device that they have been integrated into. 

Low cost products – This one is just to crown everything up. This particular micro switch manufacturer have had their way in the market because their product is sold very cheap. Micro switch are usually cheap. But some are cheaper than others. These guys beat their prices so low so anyone can afford it. For the best micro switch option at a great deal, Dongnan Electronics Co. promises to give you exactly what you want. 

3. Onpow Push Button Manufacture Co., Ltd

Site: www.onpowbutton.com

Onpow Push Button Manufacture Co., Ltd has always remained one of the top shots in the market when it comes to micro switches. With more than 25 years of experience, it will not be wrong for someone to require nothing but high-quality from them. And frankly speaking, they have not let their customers down in this regard. This reputable micro switch manufacturers have evolved with all the micro switch trends you can think of over time. Their exploits say a lot about their achievements and goals. For the best micro switch and more, you can gladly consider Onpow Push Button Manufacture Co., Ltd for such endeavors.

Water-proof micro switches – micro switches are not friends with water. That is they are not supposed to come in contact with water. It can affect the way they work negatively, and much worse spoil the micro switch for good. These guys built their micro switch in such a way that even when it comes in contact with a considerable amount of moisture, it doesn’t get affected. This is one of the reasons their micro switch product has been widely accepted by various electronics and electrical appliances producers. 

High quality micro switches – never buy a micro switch from any micro switch factory if they cannot guarantee you of high quality. It will amount to more harm than good later on. A poor quality micro switch will not last the test of time. Onpow Push Button Manufacture Co., Ltd has made their name in this regard by specializing in a variety of micro switch models that are of high quality. Whichever one you buy from them is going to work exactly the way you want them to. They’ve got different models of micro switch that will be compatible for that project you are working on. 

The right assistance – a little help from the experts could go a long way in helping you solve your problems. Onpow Push Button Manufacture Co., Ltd don’t just let their customers handle their projects all by themselves. No they don’t do that! Come to think of it, if a project doesn’t go well, it is going to affect their reputation as well. So they prefer to offer a helping hand that will help you get through whatever it is you’re working on with their micro switch. They are ever ready to give you all the technical help you can ever wish for. Their experts will support you with advice on how you can optimize their product for your project. These guys have had an amazing experience and good track record with virtually everyone they have worked with. You are up next. Reach out to them and they would be glad to show you the models of micro switches they have at the moment. 

4. Yeswitch Electronics Co., Ltd

Site: www.yeswitches.com

These guys have become popular in China of micro switch manufacturers because of the super water sensitive micro switch. For over 25 years these micro switch factory has been a proud supplier of all kinds of switches. They have been able to satisfy their customers in the global market. Whether it is an industrially focused switch or one that is fit for other purposes, Yeswitch Electronics Co., Ltd has got your back covered. If you are still skeptical about their products, then maybe you need to read the following paragraphs to know the quality of the micro switch they can offer you.

High quality switches – if you are interested in buying a switch from a manufacturer that only keeps their micro switches in line with international standards, then Yeswitch Electronics Co., Ltd is what you are looking for. One of the objectives of Yeswitch Electronics Co., Ltd is for them to do anything to make sure their switches are never below the global standards. That is why they never use inferior materials to produce their micro switch. Thus, if you are buying a micro switch from these guys, you can only be sure you are buying the very best. 

Different models – you may be looking for a particular type of micro switch that will be most suitable for what you are working on. If you need something specific concerning micro switches, you can count on Yeswitch Electronics Co., Ltd to provide you with the best pieces. Their micro switch factory is filled with different micro switch models that you can always make your choice from. All the micro switches have been put through various testing processes to validate their reliability, as well as other features. That is not all, as they can equally help you with customized services should you ever need any. 

Long lasting products – if you are looking for a good reason to patronize Yeswitch Electronics Co., Ltd micro switches, then you can do that because of the long lifespan of their products. Yeswitch Electronics Co., Ltd micro switches are durable and can continue to work perfectly as they age. Unlike many other electronics components where their functionality has an inverse relationship with their age, these micro switch have been designed to function almost at an optimal rate even as they age slowly. That means your customers will use this micro switch for a long time without them thinking of replacing it. Yeswitch Electronics Co., Ltd gives you the best of both worlds. They are cost-effective and economical, as well as of a high quality. Connect with these one of a kind micro switch manufacturers and get to see for yourself what a brilliantly designed micro switch works like. 

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5.Yueqing Daier Electron Co.,Ltd.

Site: www.chinadaier.com

There is a stiff competition buzzing between the big micro switch super powers around China, and Yueqing Daier Electron Co.,Ltd. has done pretty well for themselves. They sit as one of the most renowned names in this industry. They have been around for over 15 years, and have dominated the market to a great extent. Their impact on the market has been great because their micro switches have had remarkable qualities. As the manufacturers of one of the most stylish push button micro switches, Yueqing Daier Electron Co.,Ltd. is worth knowing a thing or two about. Here are some relevant information about their brand. 

Single Control Switch – this is about the simplest type of micro switch that you can ever come across. They are simple in their operations and also efficient in doing so. They have managed to remain ahead of most other competitors in the market due to this remarkable feature of their micro switches. As a leading name in micro switch manufacturing, Yueqing Daier Electron Co.,Ltd. have done well in keeping their design simple and upholding their values of high quality. You can count on their micro switches to work effectively when integrated into a bigger circuit. 

Different usage - Yueqing Daier Electron Co.,Ltd.’ micro switch comes with adequate flexibility features that allow it work with a wide variety of devices. A manufacturer that is into producing electronics or electrical appliances can be greatly limited if they cannot find a micro switch that will fit with what they have in mind. Such a development can lead to the delay of an entire project. Yueqing Daier Electron Co.,Ltd. has solved this problem for manufacturers by developing different types of micro switches. From simple household appliances to complex industrial systems, you can find a suitable micro switch when you hook up with Yueqing Daier Electron Co.,Ltd.. 

Resistant to extreme conditions – some manufacturers have had to struggle with this one. They have a good product but their brands cannot seem to last long. No matter how functional an item is, the moment there are question marks about its longevity, then there is a problem. Yueqing Daier Electron Co.,Ltd. has carefully made sure their micro switches are strong enough to stand against any extreme environmental conditions. For starters, they are waterproof. They can equally withstand extreme temperature conditions. There are many more features that come with the micro switch that come from these guys, geared towards ensuring a long lifespan of their products. 

6. Jiangsu Aisikai Electric Co., Ltd

Site: www.switchshops.com

With their CCC & CE certifications, you would understand that Jiangsu Aisikai Electric Co., Ltd actually mean business in their quest to deliver some of the most trusted micro switches. Their 15 years’ experience can only mean that they have learnt a lot in this industry to move ahead of starters. But most importantly, the reason they have gone ahead of many is because their micro switches are of such a great quality. If you are looking for the best product, here are some reasons why Jiangsu Aisikai Electric Co., Ltd will always make a good fit. 

Sturdy - Jiangsu Aisikai Electric Co., Ltd micro switch products will always have a place in the market because they are designed to be strong and rugged. They are rugged enough to resist any effects caused by extreme weather and temperature conditions. You can put them into any appliance you are building and expect them to function the way they should because they cannot be affected by surrounding conditions. That has been the narrative for 15 years, and I’m pretty sure Jiangsu Aisikai Electric Co., Ltd will do anything to keep things that way. 

Reliability – unreliable switches can present a real challenge for any customer that eventually buys your product. The satisfaction a customer gets from using a product that houses your micro switch is almost proportional to how reliable that micro switch is. Jiangsu Aisikai Electric Co., Ltd micro switch snaps as fast as it should when it is set into action. They are swift in their response, making them one of the most suitable micro switch manufacturers in the market. After taking a lot of things into consideration, Jiangsu Aisikai Electric Co., Ltd was able to come up with a super-fast switch that works efficiently in any device. 

Cost-effective – price can be a reason why a customer might decide to forego a micro switch brand. While the micro switch manufacturer may have a good and reliable product for their customers, it is expected that they have a reasonable price for buyers to patronize them. The smartest micro switch factory have thought about this and come up with a solution. Like any of the leading names, Jiangsu Aisikai Electric Co., Ltd use simple, superior materials to have their products built. Their micro switches can be bought at very cheap prices. For bulk purchases, you even get more discounts. This is one of China’s most desirable destinations for anyone who is looking to add a micro switch in their project. Electrical and electronic devices are getting smarter and becoming safer by the day. If you desire your micro switch to be top quality for a small cost, Jiangsu Aisikai Electric Co., Ltd is where you need to bring in your switches from. 

7. Xi'an Onegreen Co., Ltd

Site: www.1green.cn

The management of Xi'an Onegreen Co., Ltd has certainly got one goal in mind, and that is to ensure that their micro switch product get as far as possible in reaching customers. Having encroached into this market for quite some time now, they have been able to gather some quality experience for themselves. Although they have enjoyed a lot of success at the moment, they still believe that the sky is their limit. Xi'an Onegreen Co., Ltd has a remarkable micro switch product that you need to know about. These reasons and many more are why they make a great fit for your project.

Explosion proof switches – electrical and electronic appliances are bound to get hot when they are being used. And when that happens, all the components inside the device will experience an increase in their temperatures. This rise in temperature can become problematic when the composition elements are not strong enough to withstand the heat. Plus, when any component gets spoilt in the process, it could hamper the entire functionality of the appliance. Xi'an Onegreen Co., Ltd has incorporated a protective feature that will not allow their micro switches explode due to such rise in temperatures. So their micro switches are manufactured with materials that are non-reactive to heat and other environmental hazards.  

Lever roller – a considerable percentage of all the micro switch you will find in the market is made of the press button type. Those type of micro switches actually function very well. But if you want something a little different from what is common in the market, then the lever roller micro switch type can be a viable option to get started with. Xi'an Onegreen Co., Ltd lever roller micro switch are highly efficient and very reliable for obvious reasons.

Tiny sized – micro switches are generally small, and that is one of their advantages. They are capable of getting much done even with their small sized nature. Some micro switches are smaller than others. Xi'an Onegreen Co., Ltd have the right size of miniature switches that can work excellently for your project. Regardless of what you want, these guys have a variety of switch items for your using pleasure. Xi'an Onegreen Co., Ltd promises the best quality even though their micro switch is of small size. You can get in touch with them and see for yourself what type of micro switch they have in their factory. 

8. Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd

Site: www.chinaxurui.net

We cannot talk about the best micro switch manufacturers and not give kudos to Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd. These guys have had a remarkable profit run in the micro switch market from their inception till date. All market statistics show that they are doing pretty well. Thanks to their high quality and carefully designed micro switch products. There are a thousand and one reasons why Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd will always pose as a great fit for all such projects. Let us take a look at some of the characteristics that have kept them in the market for this long.

Temperature and environment friendly – the best micro switches have always been those that are capable of operating at their full capacity regardless of any weather or temperature conditions. Some of the most resilient micro switches have been powered by Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd. That means you don’t need to take temperature and other conditions as serious factors that can hamper the operation of the appliance you’re building. Ultimately, you can focus your energy on other more meaningful things that will make your device smarter. So Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd micro switch means more time and a higher efficiency. 

Fast response time – the best micro switches are expected to respond swiftly to their actuators. Any unnecessary time lag between when the actuator is activated and when the switch moves to change its state could prove to be very expensive. Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd has used this secret to topple the market for years now. Their micro switch products are designed to actuate state changes with the softest touch. That means, they change state exactly when they are expected to do so. Their switches are fond of responding in micro seconds. 

Different usages - Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd micro switch can work with a variety of systems. Unlike some other micro switch manufacturers whose product works only with electrical appliances, these guys have decided to take things one step further. Their micro switches can conveniently be used with electrical appliances or any type of machinery. It then means that you cannot be short on your options regarding what and what you can do with Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd micro switch. 

Affordable switches – one good advantage of micro switches is that they usually don’t cost much. They work perfectly even though they aren’t expensive. Going for micro switches will definitely bring about a reduction in the overall cost of production for anything you are doing. Trust me, Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co,.Ltd micro switch is your ticket to making so much profit and also guaranteeing your customers with a high-quality product. 

9.Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd

Site: www.kailhswitch.com

Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd has earned themselves the reputation as one of the best manufacturers of double control switch micro switches. Their small sized micro switches have always been rated as one of the best amongst many. Anyone who plans on getting a micro switch from these fellows should know they are patronizing one of the best solutions. There a lot of benefits that come with using this type of micro switch. You are about to find out what makes them thick, as well as the secret of their success in micro switch production. 

Protected from potential hazards – micro switches cannot last for a long time if they are not designed to accommodate the negative effects that come with extreme environmental changes. In a dynamic world, you can expect any level of environmental changes to occur. If micro switches are not strong enough to not allow these changes cause any damage, then one would be buying micro switches every now and then. Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd micro switches are so rugged that they are not affected by mere fire incidence. They will not react with such temperatures to a certain extent. Subject them to temperatures of up to 250 degrees centigrade and they would function as if everything is okay. They are fireproof and waterproof. These are two common factors that can cut short the life of any micro switch. 

World standard - Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd has been in this business long enough to realize that their micro switch has to be according to international standards if they are going to cut any ice in the market. They have had the privilege of using original materials to produce their micro switches. From plastic materials to other materials like nitrite, these guys understand all the requirements for producing the right type of micro switch for the right project. So if you seek superior quality micro switches, Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd is one place where you can find them. 

Various types of switches – high quality micro switches are of different types. The most suitable type can only be determined by what you intend to manufacture. There are so many micro switch categories for you to choose from that will be fitting for your work. All you have to do is run through their catalogue of micro switches or speak with a representative and let them tell you what they have in store. 

Customized – some projects cannot work with the existing types of micro switches. For obvious reasons, they cannot operate perfectly given the features of the micro switch. As such, there can always be room for customized micro switches. If you want a micro switch that will be designed and built accordingly, the professionals at Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd can equally do that for you. Building a customized micro switch is not something that is far-fetched. In fact, it is just like building a regular micro switch but with a different specification. Therefore, you can count on this micro switch manufacturer to give you the very best quality in your customized micro switch.

10.Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd

Site: https://www.unionwells.com

Some of the most efficient micro switches ever seen in the market are products of Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd. They have carefully designed and crafted all their products with best practices in mind. Giving you anything that is short of absolute brilliance on their path will be nothing but a complete oversight. Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd is only known for delivering high quality micro switch. It has been like that, and they hope to maintain their status even as they research to improve their products. Besides their high quality micro switches, what other reasons can one have to patronize these guys? Read on for the answers.

Durability – the durability of a micro switch should always be on the cards whenever you intend to do a purchase. The longer the micro switch can last, the more it will be able to perform its functions as part of that circuit. Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd has thrown everything they’ve got into this to ensure they get the best product in this regard. Their micro switch can last for as long as forever, provided it is being used within specific conditions. So if you are seeking for a micro switch factory that sells long lasting products, then you’ve got to be looking for Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd. 

Wide area of usage – working with a micro switch manufacturer that guarantees high quality micro switch can be one thing. But working with a micro switch factory that can give you products which can be used for various purposes is something that is spectacular. Thankfully, many of these manufacturers are beginning to adopt this trend, Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd is one of such new generation competitors. Their micro switch products are fitting for several applications. They can be used in electrical or electronic appliances. And they can also be used in machinery. Wherever their micro switch is positioned, it will function at maximum capacity. 

Resistant to fire and water – micro switches from Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd are always top class because they don’t give in to hazards like water and fire. They are designed to work perfectly even though they come in contact with contaminants. Plenty of thanks to the materials they are made up of. That means you can apply these micro switches regardless of where you find yourself. Whether you find yourself in a cold place or you come from somewhere hot, any micro switch that comes from Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd will able to carry out its functions. 

Cost – if you will need to burn a hole in your pocket just because you want to buy a micro switch, then you don’t need a micro of that nature. Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd are creating a sort of buzz in the market because of their cheap micro switch. Sometimes it is hard to understand how they managed to get something this perfect and sell at such a cheap price. The Huizhou Unionwell Technology Co., Ltd will always be among the best micro switch manufacturers even though theirs is sold at an affordable price. There will be a huge reduction in the price if you decide to do bulk purchases. 

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The micro switch business has become a lucrative business, and all manner of manufacturers are moving into the fold. While some are doing pretty well in the market, others are struggling for recognition. You can always get the micro switch if you look in the right direction. The ten micro switch manufacturers mentioned in this post are known names in this industry and you can gladly get started by placing your orders with any of them. That said, before you settle for any micro switch factory, you need to look into the quality of the micro switch they are producing. If there is any question mark about their micro switch quality, then move on to the next factory. There are so many of them out there that you cannot limit yourself to any micro switch seller is not willing to give you what you are looking for. As a reputable manufacturer of household or electronic appliances, you can give your customers the happiness they deserve by hooking up with the right micro switch manufacturer. After all, the benefits of using micro switches are real.


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