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Top Micro Switches Applications Uses You Should Know

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There have been lots of arguments amongst people about micro switches with regards to what they have been designed to help accomplish. The truth is that most people are yet to understand these electrical switches. As a matter of fact, you can’t explore the uses of micro switches without having proper understanding about what they have been designed to do.


In case you are searching for reliable and firsthand information about micro switches, there is no doubting the fact that you’ve come to the right place. This is because the major aim of this post is to provide some details about micro switches including their uses.



What are micro switches?

Before delving into what these switches are used for by people and companies, it is important to talk about what they mean. These are actuated electrical switches which make use of tipping point mechanisms that need little amount of force for application. Miniature snap-action switches are what they are also usually called. Switching takes place due to the actuator’s repeatable positions. Micro switches are very common amongst people in recent times. The reason for this is that they are not just inexpensive but also very durable. The durability can be due to how they have been designed. 


These switches have been a major revolution when it comes to innovation and how appliances are designed to work. According to experts, such may be the major reason why various manufacturers of electrical appliances are trying to have it included in their products. For instance, a little movement in the actuator button can bring about large movements in electrical contacts. The speed in such case is very fast regardless of the actuator’s speed.


History of micro switches

The invention and creation of micro switch can be traced to the work of Phillip Kenneth McGall who decided to come up with something which could be used in getting appliances switched on in the year 1932. He was working with Burgess Battery Company as of then. However, his employer would later go on to start another company known as Micro Switch. It should be noted that snap-action switch is what these switches are originally known as.


However, the name micro switch has become generic given that the company was first to produce the first ever electrical switch. It has been a landmark achievement as other modern companies have managed to build on such initiative.


Uses of micro switches

Micro switches can be used in various ways. This is probably why they have become very popular today as companies are discovering how their benefits can be fully explored. For instance, they can be used in detection of paper jams in printing devices. They can also function as safety devices for lifts. Furthermore, they carry out the function of interlocks in microwave ovens.


Micro switches can be put to uses in both industrial and home appliances. These will be further broken down below:

·         Building, security and automation

·         Home appliances 


Building, security and automation

Some of the instances whereby micro switches are used could be in building, security and automation. These will be highlighted below for much better understanding.


Alarm systems

This is one of the areas where these electrical switches are popularly being used at the moment. They are perfect when used as buttons in fire alarms, emergency door releases, emergency stop controls and others. Devices like these have been built in order to create awareness and ensure safety during times of emergency. They only need to be pressed for the alarms to be manually activated.



Micro switches are very effective when used as triggers. Have you ever seen a situation whereby an alarm system gets triggered or activated due to something being touched? It could be that the device has been damaged, dismounted or even removed. In such case, the alarm will be triggered thereby notifying people around. Some of the devices where you will find these switches being used in are card readers, access control panels, and infrared detection alarms.


Turning devices in surveillance cameras

Most people don’t usually know or understand how micro switches are used in such security devices. They aid them in turning automatically without any human assistance. Whenever such device reaches its point of motion, micro switch will then get activated. Through this, the surveillance cameras will be moving towards the right position as expected without getting compromised.


HVAC applications

This is another aspect where micro switches are proving to be very effective. They are used in detection of air pressure changes. They are also important for acting as switches which can be used in control panels.


Elevator applications

In other to ensure that doors are opened manually, micro switches will be needed in elevators. Also, when it comes to selection of floors which the elevator is expected to stop, these electrical switches will be needed in the control panel. The bottom line is that for elevators to work both manually and automatically, micro switches will be required.


Timer Controls

Have you ever seen those devices were timers are set or adjusted? This can't be possible without the aid of micro switches. Once such timer runs out, the micro switch will trigger. 


For home applications

Some of the home appliances which are making use micro switches will be listed below:

Washing machines

For a washing machine to be switched/powered off and on, micro switches will have to be present. They are important when it comes to getting the switching power, filter and angle of drums detected. In order for panel buttons to work efficiently, they are needed. Furthermore, they are also responsible to check the close/open status of the door.



For refrigerators, micro switches can prove helpful. For instance, they detect whether the ice maker is correctly positioned or not.


Air Conditioning Units

They are also used in detecting whether door panels in AC units are closed or not. They also detect the louver’s angle. Finally, they can help in getting the device reset if there is any need for such.



Based on the above, it is obvious that micro switches are an integral component of modern day appliances. This is because they usually play the role of enabling such appliances/devices function optimally.

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