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Understanding a micro switch and its benefits

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Understanding a micro switch and its benefits

Microswitches are available from different suppliers and can be used in various applications within a range of industries. They are small and sensitive switches that need to be activated using minimum compression. They are quite common in switch panels and home appliances, and they come with small buttons. They are inexpensive and are long-lasting, so they function for a long duration. Some micro switches have a cycle as long as 10 million. 

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It is important to find a good micro switch supplier because microswitches need to be sensitive and reliable. They are used very often as safety devices and can be used to prevent the closing of doors. If there is someone or something on the way, the microswitch will not allow the door to close. 

How they work

A microswitch comes with an actuator. It also has a lever that is lifted when the actuator is depressed. This action moves the contacts to the desired position. In most cases, the microswitch is designed to make a clicking sound to inform users that actuation has occurred. 

Micro switch manufacturers create most switches with holes to make it easy to secure and mount in place in many cases. The fact that they are such simple gadgets, they do not really require any maintenance. They may not even need to be replaced because they have a very long life. 

Benefits of using them

There are many advantages associated with using micro switches, one of them is that they are quite inexpensive but still durable and require minimal to no maintenance. These switches are also quite versatile, fitting so many industries. 

Some microswitches offer IP67 protective ratings. This means that they are water and dust-resistant. This means that such micro switches can be easily used in humid and dusty conditions but still function the way they are supposed to. 


There are so many areas where micro switches can be used in different industries. Some are commonly used in security applications, building automation, and home appliance applications. They can be used in:

• Push buttons for call points and alarms

• Surveillance cameras turning devices

• Door locks and elevator buttons

• Access control panels

• HVAC applications

• Triggers that tell when devices have been dismounted

• Buttons and door locks of micro ovens and rice cookers

• Water dispensers and refrigerators

• Air-condition units

• Washing machine door locks, water level detectors, and other buttons

• Time controls

At Unionwell, we create some of the best micro switches for different products. Out switches are cost-effective. We also create modules and other electronic components used in many brands globally and locally. 

We have a team of technical professionals with profound experiences. Our creativity has led to creating push-button power switch series, rotary switches, waiter proof micro switches, and high-efficiency micro switches. 

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There are many micro switch factories, and it helps when you pick a factory that can supply you with high-quality switches that will be durable and functional. 

There are great microswitch options used in home applications, security, automation, and building. 

Finding the best micro switch manufacturer can guarantee great efficiency in different industries and should never be taken lightly. 



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