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Unionwell is the best micro switches manufacturer supplier factory in china

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Home appliances Without switches are hopeless. We need a switch for lovers, tube bulbs, bulbs, air conditioners and additionally for mobile & notebook charging sockets. The identical thing applies to our workplaces and businesses also. Switch controls the inflow of present and stops them when we turn off it, thus closing the electric circuit.

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It's important

1. Are simple to Install

2. are pocket friendly

3. Have great Control within the circuit

4. Are electrical Evidence and fire-resistant

5. Eat less Electricity

6. are covered Under warranty

Thorough Research on the world wide web is needed for that 1 brand which could meet all of the above-mentioned factors and not many pop as much as the outcome. One of these is Unionwell switches. They've got an experience of over 25 years in creating custom switches for cars, appliances, medical area, electronic equipment, industries and lots of more.

Unionwell is a Switch firm situated in South China. They're professionals in the production of assortments of switches. Mentioned below are a Few of the buttons produced by these:


All these Kinds of Switches utilize force buttons which are extremely modest. It adjusts itself based on the fluctuations in its surroundings.

Some Kinds of

USES: This is widely Utilized in home appliances, mining Areas, tanks & boats, aerospace, instrumentation and a number of different areas.


All these are Reliable switches and therefore are favored due to their ruggedness and effortless installation. They are primarily utilized in appliances which need controlling the installation and helps in security interlocking of their appliance. Kinds of limit switches made by Unionwell are available in limit switch, higher limit switch, fan limit switch, vex limit switch.

USES: It's Used in grills (the light light is seen when it's opened), washing machines (to control the twist period ) and lots of such relevant appliances.


These are the Kind of switches we're conscious of, the typical on/off buttons at our houses if pressed leaves one facet increased and the other facet unhappy. They use the power right to the apparatus and are dependable.

USES: It's Used in many electric equipments such as battery charges, little & big house appliances, electronic equipment, computer gear (routers, servers).


Many variations Of slide switches are created by Unionwell such as rv slide out switch, on-off slide button, miniature slide button, defond slide switch, two position slide switch and it finds its main application in the industrial area.

USES: It is again Utilized in computer-related objects Like network routers & hubs, remote management games, mobile devices, medical programs, lighting apparatus.

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You Can purchase the above mentioned and a number of different sorts of switches such as door Switches, sensor switches, pressure switches, to list a couple from Unionwell. It's regarded as the best china micro switches manufacturer. They supply Switches at fair prices, which are durable also, and also the installation Process is also quite straightforward. For additional information, check https://www.unionwells.com


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We are a switch manufacturing enterprise with more than 25 years’ experience in making switches. All of our switches have UL, ENEC, EK, CQC etc. approvals. Our switches are widely used in electronic instruments, home appliances, automotive electronics and electric tools, annual production capacity more than 300 million pcs of switches.
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