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Uses of Switches And Why You Need Them

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Uses of Switches And Why You Need Them

Over the years, different types of switches have been designed to help electronics and appliances function properly. These have succeeded in making life much easier for people all over the world. For instance, there are switches which have been built to automate lots of processes in devices. They help to ensure that detection and sensing are carried out in these appliances without hassle. In case you do not know, the uses of switches have gone beyond what you can imagine. Just as they are coming into existence, that is how their uses are unique and specific. 

Are you wondering where to find out about the different switches including their uses? Do you know that lack of such knowledge can deprive you of not exploring the features of these different switches? Most people are struggling to purchase switches for their device because they lack understanding about how they can be put to use. Not anymore as you have come to the right place where uses of different switches will be explained in details. The aim of this post is to help you know how the various switches in the market have been designed to function. Ensure to read the details from beginning to the end. 

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What you should understand

Most people do not understand the fact that switches are of different types. However, this post will be aiming to look at the major ones that you will likely come across in the market. They will definitely have one or two roles to play in your project or appliance. 

The switches that are going to be discussed here are: 

Pressure switches 

Micro switches 

Limit switches 

Rocker switches 

Door switches 

Pressure switches and their uses

The advent of pressure switches has changed lots of things in terms of how most appliances function. These switches are meant to detect changes in the amount of pressure based on set points. They can either make a machine or system to stop working due to the highest or lowest pressure point being reached. Environments where you will likely find them are manufacturing companies. Below are some of its uses. 

Air cabin pressure control  

Do you know that aircraft cabins need air pressure to function properly? As a matter of fact, these switches carry out a very important role in ensuring that the amount of pressure in such air cabins is properly regulated. Without its presence, there will be shortage of air or even too much air in the cabin which can be very dangerous. 

It carries out detection of the amount of oxygen inside the air cabin. For instance, its closed contact points ensure that air will start flowing inside the cabin. On the other hand, its open contact will stop the flow of air. In a nutshell, pressure switches are installed in airplanes to ensure proper regulation of air inside their cabins as they tend to travel from one destination to another through the air. 

It is an integral part of the pressurization systems in air planes which most people do not usually know of. It is the system responsible for pumping of fresh air via the fuselage. It is also through the system that valves in aircrafts are controlled. Higher and lower pressure will be needed at different times depending on the situation at hand. It is the presence of pressure switch that makes it possible for the door to open and close for such to happen. The bottom line here is that its function is majorly to help activate alarm systems whenever there is reduction in the amount of pressure inside the air cabin. 

Well water pumps 

Without the presence of pressure switches being used in water pumps, it becomes difficult for such machines or system to function effectively. This is because it ensures that such machines regulate properly as they are working. For instance, you must have seen water pumps which start and stop after working for some time. This could not have been possible without the presence of pressure switch. When a machine is working continuously without any interruption, there is bound to be problem. For instance, it can easily get damaged due to too much pressure or stress. 

With pressure switches, water pumps are built to work at different set points. Their open and closed contact points make this possible. A closed contact for example, is that point where there is physical contacts thereby allowing flow of electricity in the pumping machine. On the other hand, open contact is that point where there is separation of components thereby making the machine to stop pumping water. 

Whether a pumping machine will start or stop working depends on the setpoint. Simply put, it will start working after reaching its lowest or minimum setpoint. Conversely, it will stop working after reaching its maximum setpoint. 

Electronic gas compressors 

This is another popular way or means through which pressure switches are being put to effective use in recent times. Just as said above, one of the reasons for using pressure switches it to ensure proper regulation of how machines work over a given period of time. This is majorly for the purpose of safety. Electronic gas compressors happen to be a typical example of such systems where these switches are used in ensuring safety in environments. 

Their function in this regards is to monitor how air flows to and from the gas compressor to avoid under or overpressure situations. Again, there is a setpoint at which the supply of air can either start or stop. For instance, when supply of air has reached its highest point, the pressure switch will automatically stop working. At this point, it can be said that it is in a resting state. In other words, it is in a state of open contacts. On the other hand, the gas will start flowing once the amount of air (or gas) has reached its lowest point. This is a state of closed contact. Without air pressure being used in regulating electronic gas compressors, there is likely to be explosion thereby bringing about injuries or even loss of lives. 

Air conditioners 

It is really amazing to find out how pressure switches are being used in various appliances to ensure they are working as expected. One of such appliances happens to be air conditioners. Do you know that without pressure switches being installed, it will become difficult for them to function automatically? For instance, these switches make it possible for air conditioners to stop and start without help from anyone. You can decide to switch on your air conditioner for 24hours without having to bother whether the temperature will be too hot or cold. 

Pressure switch handles the job of ensuring such does not happen. It detects when the appliance has worked up to a point. In this case, it will stop automatically for some time especially once the temperature is too hot or cold. This is the setpoint which can either be maximum or minimum. 

The best way to understand how pressure switches work in air conditioners is to observe yours carefully. You will notice that it does not function continuously after being switched on. Instead, there is always an interruption to allow the system cool off for some time before working again. Even the AC in cars have pressure switches. These detect low or high pressure at different setpoints. 

It is the switch that gives the compressor signal to pause functioning whenever the amount of pressure detected is too high or low. As a matter of fact, every vehicle you see comes with two pressure switches. One is responsible for detecting high pressure while the other detects low pressure. They both have a similar aim which is to ensure the compressor is protected from getting damaged. However, their functions are different. 

Pressure cookers 

In a world where people are looking for safe appliances, there has been need to think outside the box. Companies have decided to come up with pressure cookers which switch on/off automatically through the help of pressure switches. Using a traditional cooker can cost you more in the long run. This is because your food may get burnt. This means you will be taking something unhealthy into your system. 

However, pressure switches are beginning to make a huge difference in such regards. They help to regulate how foods are cooked without the help of anyone. It is an automatic process as they can detect when to stop or start heating your food. Apart from food being prone to getting burnt, pressure cookers can avoid situations of explosion in homes. 

It is one of the major reasons why homeowners are exploring their options in recent times more than ever before. They are proving to be very safe and more convenient to use as compared to the traditional methods of cooking. They make you and your loved ones feel much safer since regulation process happens automatically. The only time this does not happen is when the pressure switch is faulty in such device. At such time, replacement will be required. 

Micro switches and their uses

There is no doubting the fact that micro switch technology has waxed stronger over the years. This is why they are included in more appliances than past years. In case you do not know, micro switches are actuated via little amount of force. That is to say, all you have to do is push its lever and contacts can either be closed or open. Below are some of their uses. You will be so amazed that they are used in most major appliances. 

Washing machines

Do you have a washing machine? Have you noticed how it has been designed to function? The role of micro switch in such appliance is very obvious. For instance, it helps in having the power turned on/off. You will notice that a button only needs to be pressed before this process can happen. It is the presence of a micro switch (or snap-action switch as it can also be called) that makes such possible.  

Apart from this, they are great at carrying out detective functions in washing machines. By detective function, we simply mean checking the water level of such appliances to ensure they are working as expected. Before a washing machine will start functioning, its door status must be checked. Simply put, there has to be a device which checks whether the door is open or closed. If it is open, the machine will not work. This function is made possible through the presence of a micro switch

Another role that micro switches play in washing machines is that they check the water level. Again, once the level of water seems to be too high, a micro switch will send signals thereby preventing the washing machine from working and vice versa. 

Automobile functions 

In case you do not know, micro switches are being used in cars more than ever before. You will find them in car remote controls. These have the role of sealing the doors to prevent unauthorized access. You only need to press the button on the remote and the doors will be locked. This could not have been possible without the presence of micro switch. 

Also, micro switches can determine when lights will be on or off. Have you ever noticed that there are cars which have lights that can switch on/off depending on the time of the day? This is made possible through the presence of a micro switch. It carries out detective role in such regards.  

Elevation applications 

This is probably another important function or use of micro switch. If you must have noticed, elevators work based on buttons. In other words, when you press buttons, floors are selected automatically. It is the role of micro switch to ensure you are taken to the right floor. They are included in the panels for this role to be played to perfection. 

It detects the right floor that you are going through buttons which have been selected. Also, for the doors to be manually opened, they can also help out. In this instance, they take the form of open door switches. 

Microwaves/rice cookers 

Have you noticed that rice cookers do not work unless they are properly closed? There is a device that detects whether the door is open or closed. This is how such appliances have been built to meet the needs of people using them. The detecting and sensing role is made possible by micro switches. Apart from detection of open/close status of doors, they can also function as safety switches especially in microwave ovens. 

Just like most switches you will come across, they have open and close contacts that make them know when appliances can start or stop working. For instance, with open contact, something has been detected which will cause circuit breakage in such devices/appliances. On the other hand, a closed contact means that there is flow of electricity to ensure the device is working. 

As a matter of fact, micro switches are being used more than ever before in most of these devices. They are existing to make a difference. 

Security uses 

There has been an increase in demand for better security devices that will ensure safety of lives and properties. If you are a business person and would want to ensure maximum security of your properties, micro switches cannot be left out. As a matter of fact, they are more effective than you can ever imagine when it comes to playing significant roles in making security cameras work effectively.  

Have you seen how security cameras turn after reaching some certain points? With such feature present, they have the potentials to rotate between different positions while remaining on one particular spot. This could not have been possible without the presence of a micro switch. You must be wondering how this works right? 

It is simple as the micro switch is always activated whenever such camera device turns and reaches its furthest motion point. If it has been designed to turn up to 1800 (that is rotation), the micro switch will be activated at such point. This makes it possible for back and forth rotation without the help of anyone.

Timer controls 

The use of timer controls is becoming more popular as compared to the past. This is because it has been discovered to bring about efficiency and effectiveness. In case you do not know, they are devices which have been built to send output signals based on a preset time. This takes place once the process of receiving input signals has been completed. 

Timer control devices are popular in the world of information technology. However, the presence of micro switch has made the sending and receiving of digital signals very possible. Without these forms of switches, it can be said that timer control devices will not function effectively. 

HVAC applications 

It is true that most HVAC applications make use of pressure switches. However, the role of micro switches cannot be overemphasized in them too. For instance, it is only natural that these applications experience changes in pressure at different times. Micro switches are responsible for detection of such amount of pressure. They are also used in their control panels to carry out other functions for optimum performance. 

Push button in alarm systems 

There are different means through which alarm systems are activated in buildings. However, the most popular is the push button system. In this case, a button is pushed thereby triggering the alarm system. You must have observed how such system works in buildings where safety measures are put in place. It could be fire outbreak or any other form of danger that is meant to cause injuries or even death. Through the installation of micro switches, the alarms will be triggered once the button is pressed. 

Limit switches and their uses 

The advent of limit switches has revolutionalized lots of technological inventions. Most people are not aware that they are one of the most popular switches. In case you do not know what this switch can do, it has been built to help machines regulate properly. Most people believe that limit switches are the same as pressure switches which is not correct. Both are different in terms of functionalities. 

Their uses

Just as explained above, pressure switches are meant to detect the amount of change in pressure in certain appliances. Limit switches on the other hand, are critical in the control of machines. They are very important in terms of how machines regulate over a given period of time. It should be noted that they are a form of sensor. This is because they can detect absence and presence in machines. The bottom line is that limit switches are used in controlling how machines function. 

More facts about them

it will be helpful to know why these switches are used in different industries today. As a matter of fact, there is hardly any production or industrial setting that does not make use of limit switches in one way or another. Below are some of the reasons for its popularity. 

1 - High level of versatility 

This is probably one of the most obvious reasons for their uses in different industries. They have been designed to be highly versatile. With their installation, different machines can be easily controlled for efficiency and effectiveness. It is not only in machines that have to do with manufacturing or production. These can also be used in cranes and other heavy-duty applications. 

2 - High level accuracy 

Limit switches are very accurate when it comes to operating machines to ensure they are very effective. Their major functions in these machines is to ensure they interrupt flow of electricity at a certain point when machines must have worked for some time. The best part is that they execute this role with very high level of accuracy.  

They are very reliable when it comes to detecting how machines can be regulated through their open and close contact. Most machines used in production will face too much stress when it comes to working continuously without any interruption. There are cases when explosion may occur due to poor regulation thereby endangering the life of workers. This is why limit switches are proving to be very important. 

They are used in ensuring such situations can be avoided. For instance, the machines will work and stop after some time automatically. This means no one is needed to ensure such process is working fine. It has even helped lots of companies to save cost in the long run. This is because formerly, people were employed to manually control how and when machines work. However, all of these are beginning to change due to the advent of limit switches. 

3 - Low energy consumption 

It is a world where companies and individuals are looking for every means to ensure they spend less on energy. Limit switches can make such happen given its ability to consume low energy while working. The best part is that its features or functionalities are not compromised in any way. Despite being installed in heavy-duty applications, they do not require high amount of energy to function.  

4 - Multiple loads control 

Do you know that limit switches have the ability or potentials of ensuring multiple loads are controlled in the most efficient manner? This is typical of the function they carry out in cranes and other heavy-duty machines that companies make use of.  

Some of its components 

There are components of a limit switch that you need to be aware of. These are:


Environmental requirements 


Electrical specs 


Mounting configuration


It is the actuators that are responsible for how limit switches respond to motion. When this happens, a machine can either start or stop. The actuator plays a very crucial role when it comes to detecting motion for the purpose of safety. Note that actuator types are usually different. They could be lever, rolling, hinge, or rotary types. Their installation and uses depend on the type of application in question.

Environmental requirements

In case you do not know, environments/surroundings play a very crucial role in the installation of limit switches to a great extent. For instance, environments characterized by dirt and sand will require mechanisms that are properly sealed. Some other variables that come into play could be vibration, shock, humidity, temperature range (for storage and operation). 

For instance, oil rig surroundings do not usually require too much when it comes to the ideal limit switches as compared to high-tech factories. The latter will require more sophisticated limit switches to function properly as expected. 


The size of your machine will determine what type of limit switch will be ideal during installation. This is so important that it can determine whether such application will function properly or not. The reason for this is that it will determine the distance travel of its actuator. There are cases when miniature-sized limit switches are required for complex machines.

However, when moving parts which are larger in terms of sizes get involved, it becomes necessary to use limit switches of lager sizes. 

Mounting configurations/receptacle 

Limit switches have different types of mounting configurations. This simply means the position it maintains after installation or configuration. For instance, it can be side-mounted or wall-mounted. This depends on the geometry of such system or application. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages though. There are lots of factors to be considered when choosing which option to explore for the installation of a limit switch. 

Rocker switches and their uses 

It will amaze you to know that rocker switches are probably one of the most popular switches. Their uses span across different types of appliances and devices.  These are switches which have the ability to toggle back and forth once pressed. Below are some of the ways they are put to effective use. 

Power surge control

There are difference causes of power surge problem. If you have an appliance that has been affected by it, such simply means the device will not work as expected again. One major cause of power surge is power grid switching from your chosen utility company. This is one of the reasons why rocker switches are becoming very popular in recent times. They are proving to be very effective in the process of providing some cover or protection for devices against cases related to power surge.    

One of the ways that this happen is the fuse being used in the process of having it connected with your device will offer some protection in case there seems to be any form of irregularity. The only time that power surge can affect your appliance which makes use of a rocker switch is when there is no fuse included in the connection. 

With the help of a fuse, you will notice that your appliance or device is protected. Most times, the fuse will be sacrificed in place of such appliance. In other words, the fuse will get blown or damaged instead of your device. 

Appliance power regulation 

Rocker switch as explained above, usually toggle back and forth. When this happens, they can help in having appliances switched on and off.  It could be light rocker switches or stabilizer rocker switches. They all have the ability for regulating such appliances in order to ensure they are working as expected. Without the presence of rocker switches, your appliance will work continuously without interruption. This means it is prone to getting damaged due to too much pressure. However, rocker switches are beginning to change all of these in recent times. 

This has been made possible through their open and closed contacts. The open contact is when such rocker switch can be said to be in “resting state”. That is to say, there is circuit breakage. Therefore, the appliance is not working. On the other hand, there will be flow of electricity thereby ensuring your device is working once it is in a closed contact state. This is the point whereby there is physical contacts with the wires thereby powering your device. You only need to have it pressed either downwards or upwards for this to happen. 

Human safety 

Rocker switches are much safer than you have imagined. For instance, without them, it will be difficult to have your appliances turned on/off without coming in physical contact with wires that have voltage. This means you and your loved ones are not safe. Rocker switches are not just installed in appliances to regulate how they work as explained above. 

However, they do something extra which is ensuring that users of such devices are safe. This is because the wires will be exposed without them. Have you ever thought of the damage this can cause around your home or any other environment? The installation of rocker switches in devices ensures that they can be powered in a safe manner. It means you do not have to rack your brains about making such appliances work since all what is required is pressing the switch button downwards or upwards. 

Are rocker switches different from traditional switches?

When it comes to rocker switches, most people are always guilty of confusing them with conventional or traditional switches. These are different in lots of ways. Below are some of the areas they are different and similar. 

1 - Installation 

This is one aspect where they tend to be similar. In terms of wiring, conventional switches and rocker switches are wired in a similar way. Also, there is no difference with regards to how they both control electricity. 

2 - Control function 

These switches are similar in terms of what they can do in devices and appliances. For instance, conventional switches can have lights/bulbs turned on/off. The same can also be said of rocker switches in appliances like stabilizers and others. The only slight difference is that when the buttons for rocker switches get toggled, they are quiet as compared to those of traditional switches. 

3 - Appearance

This is one area where both switches are different. As compared to traditional switches, rocker switches are a little bit wider. As a result of their shapes, it easier to have a rocker switch wiped or cleaned easily. 

4 - Style 

People are beginning to consider the option of using rocker switches due to their features. They are used in modern structures more than conventional switches. In case you have got a project going on, consider using rocker switches. They do not just work the same way as conventional switches but are much better and effective. 

Door switches 

Door switches are beginning to make more headlines than before. This could not have been possible without advancement in technology. These are switches which control how doors usually function. There are doors you have come across in the past that have these switches. It aids them to open or close without the help of anyone. 

What are their uses?

Just as said above, most appliances and devices are including door switches today for proper functioning. Below are instances when you can find door switches. 

Car doors 

Are you aware that most cars have these switches? You must have noticed those cars which have doors that can close or open automatically. This is the function of a door switch. It automates the process of opening or closing in a way that you do not even need to lift a finger. All you have to do is press a button and it will open or close. 

Door switches in cars is one of the latest technological innovations in the automobile industry. Companies are thinking of ways to perfect such technology on a regular basis. Most times, there are buttons by the side of the windows which can get such switches activated. With them, the doors will be locked or opened (depending on how it has been designed). 

Sliding doors

Sliding doors include these form of switches. They even have sensors that can help detect when someone is near the door in order to open or close. You will mostly find these types of doors in luxury homes. Getting access into a place through them only requires pressing of few buttons. In other words, no “push or pull” is required as every of such process will be completely automated with the aid of buttons. , 

One of the reasons why door switches are preferred in luxury homes is that they offer more protection for your property. For instance, some of them have alarms to help in cases that have to with unauthorized entry/access. When someone succeeds in manipulating the switch and gains access without any authorization, the alarms will be automatically triggered. Without such switches, it is difficult for the doors to open and close in such way. 


Maybe you have not noticed but there are elevators which include door switches. One of the top features of door switches is that they include sensors. These help them detect whether someone is around or not. Have you ever noticed that in most cases, elevators open without someone touching them? Such can only be possible through the installation of advanced door switches. You will find them more often in lift where doors open as soon as you get to the selected floors. 

Such function is only made possible through the open and closed contacts in the door switches. The open contact is a position whereby nothing is working. It the default state of a door switch. The closed contact is when electricity will flow in the various components of the elevator thereby making it work as expected. At such point, it will definitely respond to the elevator commands without any hassle. 

With door switches, it can be said that the watchword has always been automation.

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Based on the above, there is no doubting the fact that there are various types of switches that can help you in different aspects. In case you are handling a project at the moment, it will be better to carefully go through the details in order to find out the switch that will be ideal. Installing the right switch in such appliance or device will be of great help.

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