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Water Pressure Micro Switch Used In Gas Water Heater

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The micro switch is a quick switch that is pushed and actuated, also called a sensitive switch.

The working principle is the external mechanical force acts on the action reed through the transmission part (by pin, button, lever, roller, etc.), and following the energy is accumulated to the important point, an instantaneous action is made to make the close of the action reed move. The contact and the contact are quickly turned off or on.

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The micro switch in gas water heater would be to control the start of the machine control and control the ignition. When the water pressure reaches a certain degree, the diaphragm interior will open the micro air through the drive shaft to make the water heater transports. When the micro switch fails, the machine will not fire.

The following is the use of micro-switches in water heaters accumulated by unionwell.

1. The principle of this micro switch is to use water pressure to push the micro switch to turn on if you turn to the water heater. The micro switch controls the job of this water heater control board to generate the solenoid valve available and ignite. (The circuit is automatically opened when there is water pressure. The circuit is automatically closed when There's no water pressure)

2. When the micro switch is shorted, the water heater will not be controlled, along with your water heater will work All of the time (the solenoid valve is always available )

3. The micro switch has to be used to restrain the water heater. It cannot be short-circuited. If the solenoid valve is kept open when you are not using the water heater, natural gas is going to be released and cause danger.

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