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What Are The Features Anti-tilt Micro Switch

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What is Anti-tilt micro switch?

Anti-tilt micro switch is a sort of micro switch,which can be a micro switch designed for safe use of electric appliances.When the inclination of the device is too big or it is turned upside down, and the anti-tilt micro switch will be turned away,causing the appliance to quit working,so as to prevent safety accidents due to the appliance tilting.This is that the principle of the anti-tilt micro change.

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Features of Anti-tilt Micro Switch

1. High security factor:Adopt innovative technology to realize simple and reliable transmission style.

2. Micro switch with big rated current could better meet market demand.

3. Turn on and off fast

4. Strong applicability:The terminals of this change are 6.3×0.8mm,4.8×0.8mm,and 4.8×0.5mm.

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