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What are two types of pressure switches? --Differential pressure switch working principle application

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 There are lots of facts that about pressure switches that people are yet to understand. The truth is that if you really want to get the best from these switches, it is much better to understand how they have been designed to function and meet needs. In other words, not attempting to understand how these switches work while they are being used can deprive you of optimizing them to the fullest. The increasing popularity of pressure switches have only made it necessary for them to be studied. 

Do you want to understand more about pressure switches but do not really know the ideal place to find the right information? There is something about pressure switches which most people are yet to understand. This is the fact that they are very broad despite being of two major types. The major aim of this post will be explaining in details the two types of pressure switches you are likely to find in the market. It is all about helping to create an awareness that will enable you make the right decision when planning to buy a pressure switch for an electrical project. There is no doubting the fact that the information below will definitely be of great help. 

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What is a pressure switch? 

This is a form of switch which has been designed to measure the amount of pressure in a particular surrounding or environment. It can indicate or show whether a system has been able to lose or reached a particular amount of pressure. Simply put, a pressure switch is any device which can monitor process pressure with the aim of providing output once a particular pressure has been reached. There are lots of ways through which pressure switches are being put to use. For instance, they can be used in detection of fluid pressure presence. 

In order for a pressure switch to function as expected, there is application of pressure to piston or diaphragm for force to be generated. The sensing element in most of the pressure switches you will always find in the market is diaphragm. It is through the movement of such element that switch contacts can be actuated. This will bring about a control action being initiated or alarm indicated. 

There are lots of applications that make use of these switches in this modern era. For instance, they are used in aquariums. This is usually in their filtration systems. Another field where they seem to be gaining lots of popularity at the moment is the industry of agriculture. They can also be found in coffee machines and drink dispensing equipment. 

What are the two types of pressure switches? 

Now that you have a detailed understanding about what pressure switches are, it is high time to delve into the main details about this post. The two types of pressure switches are solid and electromechanical state. Both will be looked at separately below:

1 - Electromechanical switches

These types of pressure switches are very common due to how they make use of different forms of sensors in order to function optimally. In this case, the sensor has a crucial role to play in such switch longevity and accuracy. Below are some types of electromechanical pressure switches. 

Diaphragm switches 

These usually employ metal diaphragm for the switch to be activated. Their operating pressure can get up to around 150psi.  Their level of accuracy can measure up to about ± 0.5%.

Bourdon tube switches

These forms of pressure electromechanical switches are characterized by weld-sealed bourdon tube in order for actuation to take place. Their operating pressure can usually range from around 50psi – 18000psi including an accuracy level of around ± 0.5%. 

Diaphragm piston switches

These forms of switches are characterized by elastomeric diaphragm. These tend to act on a piston for such switch to get actuated. Their operating pressure can range from 0 – 1600psi. They also have an accurate rate of ± 0.2%.

Piston switches

Piston switches make use of a piston in order for actuation to take place. They usually have an operating pressure of around 12,000psi. Their level of accuracy is around ± 0.2%.  

Differential pressure switches

These usually take different forms. For instance, they can either have elastomeric, metallic or diaphragm sensor. Most of the time, you will find them having two ports. One of such is meant for low as well as high process pressure. It is the sensor which is responsible for detection of the pressure changes or difference that is existing between both sources. This is how actuation takes place in such switch. Therefore, the role of the sensor is crucial in how pressure switches work. 

2 - Solid state pressure switches

These types of pressure switches can either be characterized by one or even multiple switch points. Not only can they have the circuit of pressure switches opened. Also, they have analogue and digital features which ensure much better and effective output. There are models which have been built to work with computer systems. 

Solid state pressure switches are a typical example of how far technology has been able to advance over the years. Their operating pressures as well as frequency response are of broad range. Apart from having an accuracy of around ±0.25%, they are resistant to vibration and shock. 

What you have to understand about pressure switches 

It is important to know that although there are only 2 types of pressure switches in the market, these can be found in various forms and designs. It is all about understanding your needs before deciding on which one that will be ideal for your project. In case you don’t understand how to choose the right one based on accuracy and operating pressure, it is recommended that you carry out in-depth research to avoid any frustration eventually. 

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Having seen the above, there is no doubt that pressure switches will be perfect for your electrical project once used. Just go through the various types explained above in order to make the correct decision about which one can fit in.  

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