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What elements must a micro switch manufacturer integrate in a switch to make it ideal?

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In the electronics industry, it is important to stay ahead as equipment and systems vary in their needs almost daily.

For a micro switch manufacturer, the work never ends is that you must always make sure to create high quality and faithful products, since the tasks that a micro switch fulfills must always be precise.

For this reason, every day a micro switch manufacturer looks for the way that its switches are able to integrate with the various existing systems which need this phase to be able to fulfill all their functions and tasks.

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The switches are of varied characteristics, since the needs of their customers are also.

Each micro switch manufacturer creates different types of switches this in order to satisfy all the needs of its customers, which vary depending on the tasks they have for them, and also according to the system in which they will be installed.

Making sure that each micro switch fully complies with all its functions is very easy if we take into account what are the necessary elements for a switch to become an ideal piece to insert into any system.

The basic parts of a micro switch ensure that it performs its function efficiently.

There are some basic elements that every ideal micro switch must contain, and these are in charge of ensuring that all the basic functions are fulfilled without any problem. The main elements in a micro switch are:


The routes are those that correspond to the positions that the micro switch can have internally, these positions correspond to certain actions that this device can take. For example, there are micro switches that have only two positions, this happens when they are of a “simple” type and whose functions are limited to letting the current flow pass and cutting it off, that is, turning it on and off. Of course, there are much more complex micro switches, which have various functions.


Just as there are different positions in a micro switch, there are also different poles, since the combination necessary to activate or deactivate certain functions resides in their use. Poles are the number of circuits, acting individually, that is capable of controlling the miniature switch. These may be able to vary in voltage intensity, which is why they are said to act individually.


These are the elements that, once activated, keep the necessary combinations for the micro switch pressed, that is, they keep a circuit open or closed, thus fulfilling the specific function indicated.

Push buttons.

The push-button is that piece in charge of maintaining a force on the actuators, so that the contacts remain attached.

All these parts are basic for the manufacture of a functional micro switch, but the specifications related to the number of tracks or poles vary according to the needs of the clients and these, in turn, of the characteristics of the circuit or system to which they will have to integrate.

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