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What Faults Can A 240V Waterproof Micro Switch Terminals Develop?

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What Faults Can A 240V Waterproof Micro Switch Terminals Develop?

A micro switch terminal is as important as its contact points. In other words, it is crucial just like normally open and normally closed contact points. Most people tend to pay more attention to the contact points than its terminals. There is something you are yet to know when it comes to using a micro switch. This is the fact that its terminals are very vital. Without them, there is no how such switch will be able to exhibit its features and characteristics. 

Are you wondering why micro switch terminals are very important? Do you know that without them functioning very well, it will be hard for your micro switch to meet expectations? It does not really matter what you know about micro switches. It is true that they usually have sensor thus, can carry out automated functions. Also, they can help devices and appliances to be operated manually. However, always note that without the terminals, none of these will happen. 

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Micro switch terminals are great and need to be properly understood. The major aim of this post is to help highlight some of the faults that can affect a micro switch terminal. The advantage of understand details like this is that it will help to take away any form of guesswork out of the way. It means you will not have to guess about what is wrong with your micro switch again since you can easily tell whenever its terminals have developed faults or not. 

What are micro switch terminals?

Micro switch terminals are points in such switch where wires are connected to help a device function as expected. In order to help you understand very well, here is an explanation. Have you ever seen the place or point where wires are soldered to or tied to in a micro switch? That is the terminal. Without its presence, it becomes difficult for your micro switch to control a device or appliance as expected. 

In the micro switch diagram shown above, you will clearly see the terminals. They are the points labelled 1 and 2. You can see they have holes where wires are expected to be tied to. When they have been connected to such terminals, the micro switch will not be able to control lots of activities in a device or appliance without limitations. 

For instance, it can detect how changes are taking place across the components in such device. It will then begin to determine whether normally closed contact should be maintained or normally open contact is the most suitable. In the same vein, a micro switch can be used to manually operate a device whenever wires have been connected to the holes of its terminals. This is obvious in the case of bulbs. 

Once you press the snap-action switch, the bulb will be turned on. On the other hand, releasing your hand can make the bulb to be turned off. The bottom line to always remember is that terminals are points where wires are connected to in a micro switch just as shown above. 

Can the terminals develop fault? 

The answer to this question is yes, terminals in a micro switch can develop fault. They are just like any other components which can fail/disappoint due to some reasons. Below are some factors that can make a terminal to start failing in your micro switch. You are about to discover some common faults or problems that can affect the terminals of a micro switch. 

Partial contact 

This is a situation whereby the wires are not contacting properly. In other words, they are coming in contact with the terminals as they are supposed to. There are lots of implications for this. For instance, your appliance will be experiencing an abrupt on/off in voltage supply. This can cause furthermore problem which will even make you spend more money than required later on. One of the major causes of partial contact is when your micro switch terminals are soldered to any wire. 

The benefit of soldering a wire to such terminals is to help them become firm. This will in turn ensure there is no problem of partial contact. However, whenever you decide to have such wires tired instead of soldering them, it will likely be experienced. Although this problem will not surface initially, it will become obvious as time goes on. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you start considering the option of soldering a micro switch terminals for optimum performance. The good part is that there is nothing technical about this process even when you have not done such before. Just watch some videos on the needed items and start soldering to enable the wires remain firm on the terminals. 


In case you do not know, micro switch terminals can also rust. This is common especially when you are using a low quality switch in such appliance or device. It is the reason why you have to always ensure that you are getting nothing short of the best. A micro switch that is experiencing rust will cause more damage that one which is having partial contact.  Normally, micro switches are made with metal which are rust-free. 

However, there are lots of fake and low quality items in the market. Purchasing any of these will give you more problems than imagined. A rust terminal can also bring about partial contact. In worst case scenario, voltage may not even flow through the terminal to components of such device.  There is only one way to correct this problem which is replacing such micro switch outright. Any attempt to allow it work in your device can create lots of issues. 

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Based on the information which has been provided above, it can be seen that micro switch terminals can easily develop faults. Also, you will notice that without the terminals, it is impossible for a micro switch to carry out its functionalities. They are a special component which needs to be given due attention for efficient performance. 

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