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What Happens When A 24 Volt DC Micro Switch Is Bad?

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What Happens When A 24 Volt DC Micro Switch Is Bad?

One of the most difficult parts or aspects of a micro switch is knowing when it is faulty. Most people understand how these switches have been designed to work in appliances and devices. They know what makes them to be special amongst other types of switches. The problem is that most of its users do not know or understand when their micro switches are not working well as expected. They make decisions based on guesswork which is not good enough. As a matter of fact, not being able to spot when your micro switch is faulty can create problems for you in various ways. 

A mistake such as this can make you spend more money than required. This is because you may decide to hire the services of a repairer when such is not required. Are you wondering how to find out when a micro switch is faulty? Do you know that sometimes these faults are difficult to trace or detect? There is no need to rack your brains as this post will be explaining more about micro switches and the different types of problems which can affect them. Understanding these faults will definitely put you in a very good position to know when something has gone wrong in your appliance or device. 

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Poor detection 

Micro switches are known to carry out two basic functions. The first is acting as a platform which dictates how current or voltage flows amongst components of a device. In this case, the current will start flowing once the switch button is pressed. The second function is its detector role. Detector simply means monitoring the way an appliance works and making some interferences or changes after some time. You must have seen this in a timing device whereby the micro switch will detect when the timer is to be stopped or started. 

Without its ability to detect when the preset time has reached, the timer will not function properly. As small as a micro switch, it is responsible for also detecting the level of water in a washing machine. Of course, if it happens to be faulty, many things will go wrong in such appliance. For instance, the water level cannot be monitored again. Also, whether the door of such machine is closed or opened will not be known. 

The same can also be said in the case of a sliding door which opens or closes on its own. The micro switch in this instance, plays the role of a detector. In this case, it detects when someone is near and can either close or open without any button being pressed. However, it will not be able to carry out such function whenever there is a problem. As a matter of fact, detective role in micro switches are very sensitive in lots of regards. 

It can easily be affected by many factors. For instance, high voltage can damage a micro switch from performing its detector roles. When this happens, it will not be able to carry out any function automatically. This feature alone is one of the reasons why micro switch seems to be steps ahead of other switches in the market. 

Poor voltage transfer 

Have you ever experienced a problem of partial connection? Do you know that a micro switch can be responsible for such issue in your device or appliance? Most people tend to focus on other components in a device without trying to check whether the micro switch is faulty or not. The truth is that a micro switch is the main source or component when it comes to how current or voltage works in an appliance. For instance, it ensures that the flow of current is either allowed or interrupted. 

When this happens, you will notice your device working and stopping. There are devices which have been built in a special way. They work and stop after some time. A refrigerator is a typical example of this. Current in this case, is allowed to either flow or stop. The problem is that when your micro switch is faulty, there is every chance that current movement will no longer be effective. This is usually obvious in cases whereby wires have been tied to a micro switch terminals instead of getting soldered. 

A typical example is when you make use of a micro switch to power a bulb. When the wires are not firm on its terminals, there is likely to be the problem of partial contact. This will make the light to turn on and off. The only way to ensure that this problem does not happen is ensuring that your micro switch terminals are soldered. This will make the wire to have strong contact with its terminals thereby ensuring that current flow normally without any form of interruption. 

The problem of partial contact can bring about damage to a device. This is due to the unpredictable flow of current amongst its components. It becomes difficult to know when normally open or normally closed is going to be maintained. 

What you can do?

When it comes a micro switch developing fault, there is very little you can do to save the situation. However, you can still try your very best to ensure such problems are reduced to their barest minimum. One of the things to do is purchasing a micro switch of high quality. This will ensure you do not have to bother about damage or repair for a very long period of time. 

There is also the solution of hiring an expert to always check such micro switch. This helps to ensure you do not cause further damage on your device or appliance. It is all about removing every form of guesswork and knowing what you are doing.  

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Based on the above, it can be seen that micro switches can be affected by some problems. The good part is that you can resolve such problems with the suggestions and recommendations which have been stated above. 

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