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What is a door jamb switch and door jamb switch installation instructions

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What is a door jamb switch?

Door jamb switches are usually mounted in a jamb door to help control the switching on and off of lighting points, as well as other electrical items the moment the door is opened. They are normally composed of one push-button switch, along with a cover plate and metal box. Door jamb switches have made doors look very smart in recent times. The name of the switch was gotten from a French based door. 

So basically, this is all about a switch that is inserted in a door and used to manage the functioning of electrical items. Interestingly, there is more to door jamb switches than you think you know. Let us find out some significant information about this item.

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Where it can be applied?

Door jamb switch turns out to be a general purpose switch that can be suitable for any indoor use as long as it has to do with hinged or sliding doors, in areas such as darkrooms, closets, as well as walk-in fridges. It is designed with a normally-close contact. That means the circuit will be turned on anytime the door is flung open or left ajar. Door jamb switches have been found to be proudly efficient around any indoor space, making them a best fit for any space that would require such activities. 

The interior of the switch?

Have you been privileged to see the inside of some switches? If you have, then you will be in a better position to understand what I am about to say. The inside of a door jamb switch can be very complicated for someone who lacks the basic knowledge about wiring. However, if you are well-informed about wiring codes and basics, then it will probably mean nothing to you. 

The recommendation here is that if you are not well grounded about wiring codes, you should never bother to open a door jamb switch. A professional electrician will be in a good position to help you out. 

Life span of a door jamb switch

You take a look at a door jamb switch, and it looks like an item that will not the test of time due to its fanciful appearance and what it is designed to do. But, you would be surprised at wrong you are when you realize the true worth and strength of a door jamb switch. They are designed to last for a very long time. So even though they get touched every time the door is opened, they can still last long because they have been deliberately built to withstand such pressures and situations. 

Door jamb switches can also be referred to as door ajar switches or door jamb light switches. They have been used mostly in cars to indicate when the door has not been properly closed to ensure adequate safety while driving. 

Apparently, door jamb switches have found a wide range of uses among consumer and luxury appliances. Therefore, anyone who wants to understand how these items are wired, will try to get as much information about them as possible. We can start from some of the things you can do and not do when you are connecting a door jamb switch. 

Door jamb switch installation instructions

The point about not letting an inexperienced electrician work on your door jamb switch cannot be overemphasized. Each locality have rules and regulations that apply to them. You need to be very sure you are working with an experienced professional. 

Door jamb switches are not to be put on metallic door frames.

Never commence your installation when you have not turned off the power. That could lead to electric shock. I am sure you do not want that to happen.

Only copper conductors are allowed to be used with door jamb switches. 

Installation guidelines

Create convenient cable entry point within your door frame. This should be easy, convenient spots where you can fix the switch.

Construct an access on door jamb that will be fit the junction box. The size of the entry you are creating must be able to accommodate the junction box. 

Get rid of the knock out on the junction box to enable the entry of the cable. 

Insert the cable via the knock out you have created, and have it fastened to the junction box by using an approved connector. 

Connect the green wire directly to the green screw behind the junction box. Connect line & load wires directly to switch pig tail wires, make sure you observe existing national as well as electrical codes. 

Shaft should be adjusted to the appropriate depth on the switch plate, with locknuts behind and before the switch contact; do that with round kicker plate. 

The box should hold the switch plate in place; you can use two small screws to accomplish that.

When you put back the power, you have to open and close the door to confirm if everything is working as expected. If it does not work as you hope, you can have the switch depth adjusted accordingly, and see what happens. 

When you have established the correct positioning, get the circular kicker plate installed onto the side of the door, facing the button on switch, as you fasten with the wood screw. 

If you have completed all of the above steps, you can be ready to use your door jamb switch at this point. 

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Door jamb switches are practically installed on doors like car doors and house doors to control the lighting of electrical items like light bulbs and others. This makes a door smart on its own and means you have to do less work by walking up to press your light switch all the time. For car doors, they help tell the car occupants that the door has not been shut properly. They are so many amazing applications for which you can implement door jamb switch for. But always remember that you will probably need a professional to help you install it.

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