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What Is A Micro Switch Sensor?

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There have been a lot of debates amongst people in recent times about micro switch sensors. It has been very obvious that these (micro switch sensors) haven't been properly understood by most people. There is something you need to know. This is the fact that just like every other electrical switches in the market, micro switches need to be well-understood. This makes you to know how they can work at their very best without any compromise. 

The micro switch sensor is an area that most people are still struggling to understand how it works. This is one of the most vital parts of a micro switch that shouldn't be ignored especially once you are handling an electrical project that involves such electrical switch. Are you looking for where to find out about a micro switch sensor? Do you know that such isn't complicated or technical to understand as most people are making it sound? 

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Here is the secret

The good part is that you have come to the right place where every question about micro switch sensor will be answered in a comprehensive manner. This post will be explaining everything that needs to be known about a micro switch sensor today including why they are one of the most important parts of every micro switch. 

What is a micro switch sensor?

Micro switch sensor is responsible for detecting or sensing movements within its surroundings. Most people believe that these electrical switches are only reliable when it comes to turning devices on/off. However, their functions have gone beyond such in recent times. This is where such sensor will come into play. It is through the sensor that there is a reaction to environmental changes. 

Whenever a micro switch detects such movements, a plunger is going to be released or pressed. This will either have a circuit closed or opened. A little force is required for the contact mode to be changed. It is the duty of a plunger actuator to ensure that there is change from one mode to another.

Simply put, a micro switch sensor is that part of an electrical or micro switch which senses the working condition of a device/appliance. It is also that part which helps to facilitate changes in contact between either the common (C) and normally open (NO). That is to say, it ensures your device is working perfectly as expected.  

Roles of a micro switch sensor

Having known what a micro switch sensor is, it is very crucial that you also understand its roles. First of all, micro switches are used in various devices. The functions of its sensor in some of them can be very obvious. In these cases, it tends to carry out some detective functions. Below are some of the devices where micro switch sensors can be easily understood: 

Sliding doors 

Sliding doors have been a revolution in the world of technology. They have been a true reflection of how technology has made progress over the years. However, such couldn't have been possible without the effectiveness of micro switch sensor. You must have seen those doors that open or close automatically whenever someone is coming. 

For instance, there are doors that won't close once someone is standing in-between them. This is the function of a micro switch sensor. It detects the environment and causes a change that is necessary to take place. This is the reason why most manufacturers of sliding doors are having it included in recent times more than ever before. 

Automatic triggers

Automatic triggers are systems which have been designed to raise alarms once there is a breach or compromise somewhere. Most companies are making use of this system in recent times to ensure their facilities are safe from being penetrated without authorization. Micro switches in this case are included in infrared alarm systems. 

It is the micro switch sensor that causes an alarm system to trigger once there is any breach in any place such system has been installed. It could also be that something has been damaged or removed. Whatever the case may be, micro switch sensors are primarily responsible for the alarm system getting triggered automatically. 

Washing machines

These electrical appliances are being manufactured to ensure people are living their lives much easier. Do you know that a micro switch is usually included inside a washing machine? In order to function properly, their doors need to be closed. This is where a micro switch can prove to be very helpful. It plays the role of detecting whether their doors are either open or closed. 

This function couldn't have been possible without the help of a micro switch sensor. It plays the detecting or sensing role to ensure such doors are closed for proper functioning. Another role they play in these appliances is that it becomes possible for water levels to be detected. An abnormal water level being detected by a micro switch sensor simply means that the washing machine may not function as expected. 


Most people find it hard to believe that micro switches are included in refrigerators. The truth is that without these electrical switches, it will be hard for these appliances to function at their very best. For instance, every refrigerator comes with ice maker. This is responsible for the production of ice. 

However, the problem is that it can't produce ice without being positioned correctly. This is where a micro switch sensor will become helpful. It ensures that the position of the ice maker is detected. In some cases, it gives signals to ensure this problem is corrected for the refrigerator to function as expected. 

Surveillance cameras 

Micro switches are included in surveillance cameras to enable them turn and get activated at the right time. This function is carried out through the aid of a micro switch sensor. It is able to sense when the camera reaches its highest motion point thereby getting activated. 

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Based on the above, it can be seen that a micro switch sensor is very important in most devices and appliances that you are currently making use of. Experts are even predicting that due to the high level of reliability of micro switch sensor, it will likely be used in more appliances and devices in the future.  

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