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What Is A Micro Switch Used For?

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The biggest and most fulfilling users of micro switches are those who know all there is to know about its uses. If you are not updated about micro switch and its uses, there is no way you can get the best from it. Already, there is the general connotation that these components are of immense significance in home appliances and other electrical items. But if you do not have a concrete idea of things around micro switches, you would be falling short in this regard. Here are some of the things that a micro switch can be used for.

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Push buttons suitable for call points and alarms

Micro switch manufacturers are beginning to reel out micro switch that can be applicable in different areas of our lives. They have been put into good use in the aspects of developing push buttons. They are embedded as push buttons into fire alarms, emergency door release, emergency stop control, as well as any other emergency services that you can think of. When these devices are pushed in an emergency scenario, an alarm will be activated. Micro switches have become the new found solutions for putting such components together. 

Dismounting protection triggers

There is nothing like when a system is assured of working without any interruption. Micro switch usage has gained popularity in card readers, infrared detection alarm, and access control panels. These devices have become necessary in such systems because they help to notify the users anytime anything is out of place. If something had been damaged or removed in the system, it is the job of the micro switch to alert the owner that something is missing. That’s a pretty fast way to protect a system from being damaged without anyone knowing about it. 

Controlling the turning of surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are not meant to be fixed. If they are static, they cannot carry out their functions effectively. So they are designed to turn within a certain angle. How do they remain within the specified angle? That is where the micro switch comes in. They are embedded into such devices to help ensure they rotate within the specified angle. The moment the camera gets to the highest point of its angle of rotation, the micro switch enables to surveillance camera stops rotating passed that point. 


The use of micro switches have also been skillfully implemented in the elevator industry. It has been deployed for manually opening doors. Not only that, as they are also used for floor selection in an elevator. Before any other component will be invented to take its place, micro switch manufacturers seem to be doing excellently well in this regard for now. 

HVAC applications

These items have equally had great uses in switches and air pressures. In them, they use them to detect changes in air pressure. These types of micro switch are called air pressure micro switch. They are designed specifically to meet such needs in such areas. 

Access controls

These items have also been gladly used as electrically controlled door locks, where they are used for identifying if the door is opened or closed. They can as well be used for locking and unlocking the door. Besides, they are also applied for detecting roller doors as they open or close. You can still find uses of them inside circuit breakers for revealing their on and off status on a control panel. Cam & Bolt position on safe door lock is not left out, because they are also employed there. You would agree without any doubt that micro switch indeed have a wide range of use in control systems.

Timer controls

Undoubtedly, there has been significant improvement in the field of timer controls since the inclusion of micro switches. Timer controls have become increasingly efficient with the micro switch. They help to trigger some sort of alarm whenever a specific time elapses, as stipulated by the timer controls. 

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Control systems may have evolved a great deal due to the introduction of micro switch in them. But it didn’t stop there. They have also been applied in various home appliances and improved the way those devices work. Here are some of those instances to help you understand where we are headed with micro switch:

Washing machines

Turning a washing machine on and off has been simplified with micro switch. They help in the detection of switching power, filter, and angle drums. It is what is used to indicate on the control panel whether the washing machine door has been properly closed or not. As well as detection, they have equally be found to be effective as water level indicator. If washing machines are a lot better today and super smart, it’s because micro switches are now a prevalent item inside such machinery. 


Refrigerators have not escaped the uses of micro switch as well. Their functions in refrigerators are in line with the position of ice and water dispenser. What they do is that they help the user know if the dispenser is sitting appropriately. If it is not, there will be a notification to inform the user, so that they can be properly placed for the fridge to function well. 

AC units

The door panel of an air conditioning unit needs to be properly shut before it can function accordingly. Thankfully, micro switch manufacturers have solved that riddle by infusing micro switch into it. Additionally, these items are equally employed to detect the louvers angle. They also use them reset the buttons on the AC unit should there be need for that. 

Rice cooker & micro ovens

One of the basic uses of micro switches inside a rice cooker is to indicate the status of the cover. That is, whether it is closed or open. But for microwave ovens, their duty is to function as safety mechanisms. In summary, in both items they can serve as control panel switches.

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