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What Is A Pressure Switch Used For?

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What Is A Pressure Switch Used For?

There are lots of facts about pressure switches which most people are yet to know. It is not enough knowing that these switches are used to control situations of over and under pressure in machines or systems. For instance, most people are usually confused about how these switches are put to use. The truth is that pressure switches are being put to different uses in various industries far more than you can ever imagine. They have a function of providing electrical feedback for systems after measuring temperature rise and fall.

In case you are wondering how pressure switches are being used, there is no need for such. This post will be aiming to explain some of the different uses of pressure switches including why they have grown so popular in recent times that most companies cannot do without them. There is no doubt that after checking out the details below, you will understand much better what pressure switches can do in systems/applications. 

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How pressure switches work

Before talking about how pressure switches are made use of, it will be very crucial to discuss about their functionalities and features. A typical scenario where you will likely see pressure switches work is in water pumps. These are usually responsible for delivering clean water for uses. They are used for watering of gardens and drinking. In simple terms, it is through the aid of pressure switch that such well or water pump will know when to stop or continue working. Based on this explanation, it can be said that pressure switches are devices which have the ability to monitor the amount of pressure in a system or machine. Output will be provided when a particular amount of set pressure is attained in such machine.  

In every pressure switch, there is what is usually called set point. This is the amount of pressure which determines whether a pressure will be opened or closed. In other words, it determines when such pumping machine will be turned on/off. It all basically depends on the amount of pounds per square inch (also known as PSI) range which such pressure switch has been designed or built to work within. For instance, the maximum and minimum PSI that most pressure switches have been built to function within are 50 and 30 respectively. These are their set points. It simply means that once they get to 30, such pumping machines are likely to get turned on. Conversely, they will be turned off once they reach 50 since it is the highest point to avoid pressure on such system. 

What you should understand about the contact points 

In the case of pressure switch being used in well pumps, the pressure from water is strongly relied upon. Without this, it becomes difficult for the pressure switch to carry out its role effectively. When pressure begins to move, there will either be closed contact or open contact. Just as said earlier on, it all depends on the amount of PSI being reached. Talking about contacts, there are usually two types in every pressure switch. These are open and closed contacts. 

Open contact is that state whereby the machine is not functioning due to the amount of pressure being detected as having reached its highest set point. It is the point where current is not flowing into the machine or pumping system again. Closed contact on the other hand, allows current or electricity to flow into the pumping machine. This is because it is that point whereby the amount of pressure is at its lowest (minimum). In this case, the machine has been detected as being under pressure. 

Having understood how pressure switches have been built to function, it is high time you knew the various ways they are put to uses. For instance, you will find them in most industrial control systems. Some of these are explained below. 

Compressed air systems

You must be wondering how pressure switches do function in air compressors. In order to ensure pressurized air is monitored, they make use of air lines. Through this, the movement of air will be monitored closely inside your tank. There is also the valve which helps in relieving pressure. Without a pressure switch, it is impossible for a compressor to function as expected. 

HVAC equipment 

This equipment is for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is an equipment which is used in provision of cooling and heating in both commercial and residential structures/buildings. Pressure switches are included in these tools to ensure safety. For instance, they detect when the maximum setpoint or minimum setpoint has been reached for such appliances to either start or stop working. This is common in air conditioners. 

You will notice how they automatically stop and start working without the help of anyone. Such is the role carried out by pressure switch. Without its presence, the places these appliances are working in will become too hot or cold thereby posing threat to your health. 

Process equipment 

It may surprise you to know that most manufacturing companies make use of pressure switches more than ever before. This is because of their potentials to help in the process of achieving their manufacturing goals without any compromise. In such instances, they ensure there is a steady flow of fluid and gas to avoid any interruption during manufacturing process. 

Pumping systems

The function of pressure switches in this regards is to ensure that proper water level is maintained in reservoir. In such case, water pumps will be deactivated and activated when the maximum and minimum set points have been reached. There are usually two instances when these can happen. These are when the water pump will either stop working due to reaching its maximum set point. The other one is when the water pump starts working due to reaching its minimum point.  

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Based on the above, it can be seen that there are lots of ways in which pressure switches are being used in applications. The truth about these switches is that they have started growing very popular in recent times.  

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