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What Is A Reed Switch Used For?

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There has been a lot of confusion about reed switches and what they are used for most times. The truth about them is that they have proven to be very different from the conventional switches you are used to. In other words, they have been a reflection of how the world of technology has managed to advance in recent times. Reed switches are the way forward and if you aren't making use of them at the moment, it is safe to conclude that you don't really understand the electrical challenges/problems they have been designed or developed to solve. 

Are you considering the option of using a reed switch but don't feel motivated for one reason or another? Do you know that these switches have been a complete revolution in the world of electronics? The major aim of this post is to help you understand more about a reed switch. It will be explaining lots of details about reed switches including what they are being used for. There is every belief and conviction that after checking out the details below, you will be wondering why it has taken so long in order to start using it. 

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What actually is a reed switch?

It has been discovered that most people doubt the potentials of reed switch because they don't even know what it is basically about. This is a switch which has been designed to facilitate the flow of current inside a circuit. Simply put, it has the main role or function of controlling the rate at which current is expected to flow inside a circuit. Ever since this switch came into existence in 1936, it has been used in enabling various devices and appliances function properly. 

Most of the time, they are usually made from 2 ferrous reeds (or more). Once magnetized, these can move together. There are times when they can also become separated. It all depends on the movement of the magnetic field. Reed switches have been built or designed to operate in the form a bridge or gate which controls flow of electricity in a device. Most people make the mistake of thinking that they are similar to mechanical switches which isn't true. 

This is because they tend to be different in lots of regards. A proof is that while their control is dependent on magnetic fields that are invisible, mechanical switches require people to have them physically flicked on/off. Whenever the reeds present inside a reed switch come in contact with one another, there is likely to be flow of electricity in such device. On the other hand, once they are separated, electricity won't flow. 

Uses of a reed switch

In case you don't know reed switches are becoming increasingly popular amongst different products today. This is a proof that manufacturers of various electronic items have discovered how they can be used to make devices function automatically and effectively without hassle. Below are some of the ways that a reed switch is being used today. 

Alarm systems

Have you ever seen any of those doors or windows which close automatically once there is no one around? Do you notice how they close or open automatically without the help of anyone? In case you don't know such is the role of a reed switch. Although these switches are being used in lots of devices around the world today, alarm systems seem to be the most common devices they can be found in. 

They carry out the function of sensing whether the windows or doors have been closed. They are used in making of tamper-proof. Therefore, once the system is tampered with or altered, an alarm will be triggered. 

Laptop devices

It may surprise you to find out that devices such as laptops, phones and tablets do have reed switches. Have you noticed any of these devices switching off automatically or entering sleep mode once a cover is placed over their screens? This is made possible with the help of a reed switch. A typical example is a flip phone which can be opened and closed. 

You will notice that the light comes up when the phone is flipped open. On the other hand, the light will be switched off automatically once it is closed. It is the reed switch that makes such to happen. The magnets go into action and make such process to be possible. In such instance, there is an interaction between such switch and magnet which makes the light to go on/off. 


There is no doubt that the automobile industry has advanced at an incredible pace over the years with some breathtaking discoveries and innovations. Most of these couldn't have been possible without the use of reed switches. For instance, smart cars are being produced to meet the needs of people who want to explore modern technological features. 

Reed switches play crucial roles in cars than you can't imagine. For instance, they help to ensure detection of fuel as well as fluid levels. They can also check speed, braking, and impact positions. Finally, they help to check door positions. In other words, they detect whether car doors have been closed or not. 


Modern refrigerators aren't complete without the inclusion of reed switches in them. This should explain how such switches are being considered by manufacturers of these devices in recent times. These appliances have been built to make use of reed switches instead of mechanical switches. They can detect whether their doors have been shut or open. 

For instance, when the door of your refrigerator is closed, you will notice that the light goes off automatically without you doing anything. It is the reed switch that makes such possible. In this case, the reeds are forced apart through the magnet. Opening the door again forces the reeds to contact each other thereby making the light to be switched on.  

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Based on the above, it can be seen that reed switches are used in various ways as against what most people are always thinking. They definitely reflect the future of electronics and appliances. Take advantage of these switches today and make your device function optimally. 

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