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What Is A Rocker Switch Used For?

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What Is A Rocker Switch Used For?

It has been discovered that most people are struggling to understand what rocker switches are basically all about. There are those who usually make the mistake of assuming them to be normal or regular switches which is not true in any way. The truth is that if you are going to get the best from these switches, it is very important to have an in-depth understanding about them. In order words, you need to really understand what rocket switches are and how they can be put to various uses in electrical appliances and devices. 

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Here is what you never knew

The first thing to know about this form of switches is that they have been one of the oldest around. However, they have developed over the years as the world of technology seems to be advancing. This means they are being put to use more than ever before in various appliances and devices. Are you wondering how a rocket switch can be used? Do you know that this is one of the most popular switches amongst others? 

The major aim of this post is to expose you to some of the ways through which rocker switches are used. In case you are handling an electrical project, ensure to read the details from beginning to the end. This is because such project may require a rocker switch to get completed.  

What are rocket switches?

Without knowing what rocker switches are, it will be very difficult to understand what they have been built for. This is why you need to pay attention to this section in order to get a grasp of how they are used in appliances. Rocker switches have been designed in a way that once pressed, they usually rock back and forth. It can also be seen as on/off switch. Once it is pressed, one of its sides will be raised while the other side will then become depressed. It is important to note that there are rocker switches which are more advanced/sophisticated. 

A typical example of such is the spring loaded rocker switch. In this case, the switches have springs that once released, they will return to their original/default state. Power door lock switch is a typical example of this form of rocker switch. Rocker switches are very easy to understand.  

Uses of rocker switches

Talking about rocker switches, there are various ways they can be put to use. In case you have been wondering how, ensure to check out the details below. 

Power window switch

Most people only understand that rocker switches can be pressed to either on/off an electronic appliance. However, its function has gone beyond such in recent times. A typical example of this happens to be how it has been integrated in power windows. In order for the window to be lowered or raised, it will usually pivot back and forth.  Please note that once released, they will always return to their normal state. 

These are spring loaded rocker switches that do not require any user to get them activated or deactivated. Instead, such will be done via the spring. In other words, it helps them to return to their default center position. Power windows are very common especially in luxury homes. A typical example of this form of rocker switch is in car windows. You only need to press a button and the windows will either open or close. 

Power door lock switch

It is true that micro switches are very popular in doors which open and close automatically. However, rocker switches are also known to carry out such functions. Once they are pressed, the switch is going to either unlock or lock the doors. Again, these can be found in most modern vehicles. With just the push of the rocker switch, you will find out that one or all the doors are locked. 

Have you noticed that there are cars whereby the doors can be controlled by the driver? This is one of the typical functions of rocker switch that most people are yet to understand in cars. In a situation whereby such switch seems to have developed one fault or another, it will not function properly. Rocker switches are being made use of in cars more than ever before due to their advanced and sophisticated nature. 

Electronic devices

Rocker switches are used in various types of electronic devices. The most common form being used is a traditional rocker switch. The aim is to either disconnect or connect an electrical circuit in such appliances. In other words, they are used in electronic appliances to have them switched on/off. For instance, they can be found in electronic appliances like stabilizer, surge protector, inverter, and other household appliances. 

Other applications that they can be found in are HVAC equipment, de-humidifiers, power supply units, floor care equipment like vacuum cleaners, audio amplifiers, control panels and many others. The major thing to always take note of the various function that these switches have been built to carry out in such devices. This is having them powered on/off either automatically or manually. 

The reason why most manufacturers are choosing the option of using rocker switches in their products today is due to how they can be very reliable once used. These switches can ensure such products last as expected when used. One of the reasons for this is that users only need to press the button for such appliances to be on/off. Simply put they make life much easier. 

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Based on the details which have been explained above, there is no doubt that you are eager and anxious to start using rocker switches for your project today. Just ensure to pick the right ones since they are of various forms available in the market. This will ensure such project achieve its primary goal. In a nutshell, rocker switches are the future of electronics. They are one of those switches that most manufacturers of electronic appliances cannot do without at the moment.

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