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What Is A Rotary Switch Used For?

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What Is A Rotary Switch Used For?

As the world is evolving around other technologies, manufacturers are looking for ways to produce switches that will be more advanced and more efficient in their functionality. Thankfully, the rotary switch seem to have satisfied various dimensions of that discourse. 

Rotary switches are used to manage several circuits with just one switch. Also, they are sometimes designed to have multiple contacts occurring at a single spot. These switches have found solace in a couple of device, as it is being used for controlling current flow even in the most complicated circuitry designs. More than being used to control advanced circuits with one switch, there are other interesting information one needs to work with when it comes to using rotary switch. Regarding rotary switch, here are some of the things you need to know. 

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More information on rotary switch

Some other authors have this to say about rotary switches – they operate by way of a rotational motion. That is, they are switched between different states in a circular motion. All the terminals are usually arranged within a circle. Turning the actuator will switch the circuit on or off, depending on which contact is being touched. 

They have appeared to be a better option for dealing with circuits that have more than 2 positions. Good examples of where this switch type is being used include CB radio that works with multiple channels, or a 3-speed fan. Rotary switches have been known to be part of most industrial equipment, as well as many consumer items. And while their introduction into the switch industry was a welcome development because of how it simplified things, it is also true that the introduction of digital equipment is equally shifting the spotlight away from the rotary switches. But that does mean rotary switches are any less efficient? The answer is certainly no! It will even be noteworthy that mechanical rotary switches are still highly revered in places where there is a high chance of digital failure. 

The Nature of A Rotary Switch

Rotary switches do come with one spindle. All rotors are placed on the spindle. Every rotor has one that will project outward to enable it make contact with a terminal anytime the switch in on a particular position. According to amount of rotors, a rotary switch can have several dozens of switching positions, with every of those terminals having a connection to their own circuits. 

For a rotary switch to be switched into the appropriate position, you have to use a detent mechanism. The job of this particular mechanism is to enable the switch enter into its real position anytime the switch is pushed. The switch will conveniently remain in that position till it is forcefully clicked out of place. That way, the switch will not turn freely without control and making connection to another terminal when it ought not to. 

A detent makes use of a wheel that has notches that are fixed on the rotor. The moment the wheel gets to the real position, a ball that is spring-loaded will press against the wheel, which will ultimately come against the groove, causing it to fall into place. 

Before the 1970s, rotary switches were popularly used as channel selectors for the famous analogue television. After which they became known for switching electrical metering equipment. 

The contemporary rotary switches implement a star wheel shaped mechanism for making the switching positions available. A nylon cam is fixed behind the mechanism, while the spring enhanced electrical slide about the cams. These cams are to be cut in the area where the contact will close, so as to have the electrical circuit completed. 

Some other rotary switches can be configured according to the amount of positions. A toothed washer will sit beneath the holding nut. And it can be placed in a way so that the said tooth can fit into several slots, bringing about a limitation in the amount of positions that will be available and also reducing the selector. 

For instance, if a twelve position switch can only permit four slots, there is a way the washer will be positioned in order to make four switching positions available at the time. The rotary switch has a way of satisfying complicated requirements. 

Electrical specifications

Just like many other items, rotary switches do have specifications you need to be conversant with. Before you do anything with it. Here are some specifications you can get started with.

Current or voltage rating – this is the capacity of voltage or current that can work with the switch at various conditions. An electrical arc normally develops when a rotary switch switches between positions. As time passes, this wear will give rise to wear in the switch.  

Max DC voltage ratings – the highest DC voltage that can work with the device

Max AC voltage ratings – the highest AC voltage that can work with the device.  

Max current ratings – the highest current a switch can accommodate when the contacts are closed. The quantity is measured in ampere. A switch whose contacts are closed normally lacks any arc, consequently, leading to higher current capacity. 

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Rotary switches have been around in the switch industry, and have gained traction for quite some time before the advent of digital control systems. Their circular action of switching between terminals is the more reason why they are considered unique. This article has equally discussed how these switches are applied as selector to allow it change to multiple positions without causing any breach in its operation. Even with the introduction of digital control systems, rotary switch has equally found use in occasions where computer safety could become an issue. They have gone through various transitions over time. Rotary switches can be configured to work with a limited number of switches as well. Finally, you need to be very careful of the electrical specifications of a rotary switch, so you do not use it with a device that requires a higher level of current or voltage to function.

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