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What Is A Sensor In Miniature Snap-Action Micro Switch For Sale?

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What Is A Sensor In Miniature Snap-Action Micro Switch For Sale?

There is no doubting the fact that micro switches are beginning to prove they are the next big thing to hit the technology world. This is evidenced on the fact that they are used in most appliances and devices more than ever before. As a matter of fact, companies are embarking on studies and research to discover more ways which these switches can be put to various uses. It is no secret that ever since micro switches start being included in electrical appliances and devices, they have been performing optimally. 

Despite the popularity of micro switches, it has been discovered that there are people who have not seen the need to use them in their electrical projects. One of the reasons for such negative development has been the fact that they do not understand most aspects of these switches. For instance, most people do not know much about sensor in micro switches. This has hindered them from making use of it in appliances and devices.   

Are you amongst people who have been mentioned above? Do you know that sensor is one of the most important functionalities of a micro switch? This post will be revealing lots of details about how sensor feature works in these switches. 

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What is a sensor?

In case you do not know, a sensor is simply the ability to detect various changes that occur within the components of a device. It is a feature that is present in micro switches. This helps them to detect whether normally open or normally closed contact should be activated or not. It is the presence of a sensor that makes it possible for micro switches to carry out automated functions. These are roles that do not require the help of anyone. In other words, they automatically detect various changes that are taking place without any button being pressed. 

It is one of the most important functions of a micro switch. They help devices and appliances work automatically without any hassle. A sensor feature of micro switches can also be known as detector. It is one of the features that such switches are known for over the years apart from being operated manually through push buttons. 

The bottom line is that it is the sensor of a micro switch which detects whether the contact point to be maintained in a device is normally open or closed. This is the point whereby current can either be interrupted or allowed to flow. 

Examples where micro sensor is used 

In order to help you understand much better how micro switch sensor functions, it is better to highlight some instances. Below are typical examples of micro switch sensor at work. 

Automatic timers 

Have you seen how automatic timers work? Do you know that such functionalities cannot be possible without the presence of a micro switch in them? They work in a way that once the preset time is reached, either the open contact or normally closed contact will be activated. For instance, the time has been set for an alarm to be triggered. It means that once such time reaches, the alarm will automatically be turned on without the help of anyone having to press a button. 

It is the sensor in a micro switch that makes such automatic process to be possible. It detects when the time is reached thereby determining whether flow of current can be interrupted or allowed. Electric and digital timers carry out these functions over and over again via the presence of micro switches in them. They can detect when the preset time has been reached or triggered through an action. 

Sliding doors

Sliding doors have micro switches. The problem is that most people do not know they are included to help such doors function optimally. When a button is pressed and the door opens or closes, it is the presence of a micro switch that makes such possible. In the same vein, there are doors that detect when a person is near to either open or close. 

Such a function is made possible through micro switch sensor. Have you ever noticed an elevator door or sliding door opening once you are close to it? Such cannot be possible without the sensor feature or functionality being present. It helps to determine whether current should flow amongst components of such door or be interrupted. 

This is a very crucial aspect of sliding doors. Once a person is close, it will main closed contact. This is the state where current can flow amongst components thereby helping such door to work as expected. On the other hand, it will maintain open contact once there is no one close by. This is a point where there will not be flow of electricity amongst various components of such door. 

Washing machine 

This is another aspect where the sensor ability of a micro switch seems to be very obvious and easy to understand. The reason for this is that washing machines are used by most homeowners. In other words, they have turned into one of the most popular household items in recent years. For instance, a micro switch sensor helps to check whether the water level of such appliance is enough. 

Furthermore, it checks whether the door is open or closed. Of course, a washing machine door needs to be closed in order to work effectively as expected. Once the micro switch detects such status, it will send signals that will enable the owner or operator to make the necessary adjustment. Without a micro switch sensor in washing machines, lots of things can go wrong. This is because many features or functionalities will hardly be detected. 

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Based on the above facts, it is clear that the sensor feature of a micro switch can help solve lots of problems in an electrical device or appliance. It is the feature which highlights the automated power of a micro switch. In other words, sensor helps micro switches to function in the most automated manner without any button being pressed.

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