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What Is Normally Closed And Normally Open In Basic Micro Switch?

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What Is Normally Closed And Normally Open In Basic Micro Switch?

One of the benefits of a micro switch is the fact that it can function as a detector. In such a case, it helps detect or sense the changes that are taking place within the components of a device or appliance. When this occurs, there is likely to be the flow or stoppage of current/electricity. It all depends on the changes that have been detected over a given period of time. Also, micro switches are known for their ability to carry out manual functions. This could be through push buttons and other forms of buttons in devices and electrical appliances. 

It is important to understand that all of the functions and roles which have been mentioned above cannot happen without some components at work. This is especially true of normally closed and normally open in micro switches. The major challenge has been the fact most people do not understand how these contact points or components work in a micro switch. In case you do not know, having an in-depth understanding about their functionalities can make all the difference. This is because you will know of the most effective ways to use them for your electrical projects. 

The good part about all of these is the fact that you have come to the right place. This post will be revealing some details about normally closed and normally open in a micro switch. 

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What is normally closed? 

In every micro switch, you should always expect to find this contact point. It is that point where current is allowed to flow into a device or electrical appliance. The normally closed positions are usually set in motion through a process known as actuation. Do not worry as there is nothing technical about this process. It only involves pressing the switch for normally closed to be activated. 

There are lots of electrical devices as well as appliances that make use of micro switches. Without a normally closed, it will be difficult to determine their next line of actions. For instance, when the button of a washing machine gets pressed, it will start working right? That is a typical example of normally closed position at work. At such point, electrical components such as wires are making physical contacts between one another. Of course, you know that in such a situation, the appliance will be powered as expected.  

Another typical example of normally closed contact in micro switch is when it gets used to power a bulb. This one is easier to understand as such bulb can either be turned on or off. Once you press the switch, the switch can be said to be maintaining a normally closed position. At such point, there is current flow to have the bulb turned on. This is as simple as it sounds. 

What is normally open?

Once you have understood normally closed which has been explained above in details, normally open becomes easier to know. The reason is simple since it is a contact point which tends to work in opposite direction. Simply put, a micro switch can be said to be maintaining a state of normally open when there is no flow of current. In this case, the device or electrical appliance is not working. It is usually called a resting or default state of a micro switch. This means the state whereby the permission of electricity or current flow has not been given. 

It is the stage whereby actuation has not taken place. In the case of the washing machine example above, it is possible to press the power button again in order to have it turned off. In such case, it can be said to be maintaining a normally open position since current is not flowing across its components. 

The same thing can also be said about the bulb. Once it is turned on, you can press the button again to have it turned off. Again, this is a normally open position or “resting state”. When it comes to normally closed and normally open in micro switches there is one simple way to understand how they function. This is the fact that the former (normally closed) makes a device or appliance to work. The latter (normally open) stops the device from working.  

More facts about normally open and normally closed

The normally closed and normally open functions of a micro switch can either happen manually or in an automated manner. Manually means that there needs to be a push button which will be pressed for the contact position to become “Normally Open” or “Normally Closed”. This is typical of the bulb example given above. As the button is pressed, the bulb can either be turned on or off. It is also the same for the power button in washing machines where micro switches are used. In such case, it will neither get turned on or off unless the button is pressed. These are the manual ways that micro switches have been built to work. 

The automated way is a situation when it senses changes in an application and gets the normally closed or normally open position activated. In this instance, everything happens without you needing to press a button. This can be seen in the way that headlights are being powered by micro switches in cars. The driver does not have to bother about when the lights will be turned on or off. All of these processes are handled by micro switch automatically. 

It can detect when the day is getting darker. In such case, it will get the normally closed contact activated automatically. This will enable current to power the lights. On the other hand, when the day is getting brighter, it will detect such and activate the normally open contact. This will make the headlights to be turned off.   

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Having seen the above, it is obvious that normally open and normally closed are two different parts of a micro switch. There is no micro switch that does not need them to function properly. Please note that sometimes, they are designated as “NC” and “NO” in such switches.  

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