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What Is The Difference Between 12V Micro Switch Sensor And Manual Functionalities?

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What Is The Difference Between 12V Micro Switch Sensor And Manual Functionalities?

Micro switches are very effective when used in devices and appliances. The reason is that apart from ensuring there is proper regulation of current or voltage in such devices, they can also carry out sensor roles which is quite impressive. It is one of the major reasons why most companies are finding it hard not to include them in their gadgets in recent times. There is no doubting the fact that the advent of micro switches have improved how devices and appliances work in recent times. 

For instance, they can either be used to manually regulate voltage/current amongst components of such devices or even help in detecting the changes taking place in such devices. Do you want to know the best part about these switches? It is the fact that they have always played such roles to perfection over the years.

Making proper use of a micro switch requires that you have an in-depth understanding about these two functionalities. In other words, it is very important you know how the sensor and manual functionalities of a micro switch work. Knowing these will help you make use of such switches in any project effectively. 

Are you confused about these functionalities of a micro switch? There is no need for such since the major aim of this post will be to explain more about how a micro switch sensor tends to be different from its manual feature. A knowledge such as this will definitely enable you to know more about getting the best from these switches without any compromise. 

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What is micro switch sensor feature?

Micro switch sensor feature is quite easy to understand. It is a feature in micro switches that makes them detect changes that occur in the components of a device. It is a way of sensing changes in devices and then maintaining an open or closed contact. Have you ever seen any of those devices that trigger some certain actions on their own without anyone operating them? That is how the sensor or detecting feature of a micro switch works. It detects changes and then decides whether normally closed or normally open contact point should be maintained. 

A typical example of this is in the case of a washing machine. Apart from micro switch being used as the power button most times to regulate the flow of current amongst components of such appliance, it can detect some certain changes. For instance, it is the micro switch which is responsible for checking the whether water is up to an acceptable level or not. In other words, it checks water level thereby determining whether the machine should work as expected or not. Another instance of sensor feature in micro switches is security cameras that rotate. Not all security cameras rotate but most of those which have such feature depend on micro switch to work effectively. 

You will notice that cameras sometimes rotate 1800 in order to have a clear view of environments. Such rotation is made possible through the sensing feature of a micro switch. With this, it can detect when the camera has completed a rotating cycle. In such case, it will be swinging back and forth. A timer device is another clear example of micro switches carrying out sensing function.  When the alarm is set at a particular time, it can be triggered by a micro switch. Once this happens, the timer device will produce a sound indicating that the set time has reached. It is used in those activities that have to do with deadlines. 

Micro switch sensor feature works in a very simple way that is very easy to understand. For instance, once the sensor works, the normally closed or normally open will be activated at some point. It all depends on how the switch has been designed to either allow the flow of current or interrupt such a process from happening. 

Manual feature

The manual feature of a micro switch is not also difficult to understand. As a matter of fact, it is the easiest amongst the two to explore. In case you are just starting out in the use of micro switches, this is the easiest way they can be put to effective use. As a matter of fact, a micro switch tends to be similar to a rocker switch in this regards. This is because instead of detecting or sensing changes that take place in a device, it will only regulate the flow of current through its normally open and normally closed contact points. 

For instance, a micro switch is also known as snap action switch. This is because when pressed, there is always a change of contact point. It could be to supply or interrupt flow of electricity. It is obvious in a situation whereby a micro switch is being used in powering a bulb. As you press the switch, such bulb will be powered on. The same when the switch is pressed again, it will be turned off. The process goes on and on as you press such switch.

This is known as a manual feature since the micro switch is not operating or working automatically. Instead, its normally and normally open contact points are being activated when someone presses the switch button. Just as explained in the above section, a washing machine has two parts when it comes to how micro switches function. The first part is its sensor feature while the other is the manual feature. Its sensor feature or ability is responsible for detecting various changes that take place in such appliance. The manual feature can be found when the power button is pressed for the machine to start working. 

Whenever you press a micro switch button, it can be said that you have only succeeded in activating its manual feature. This will regulate flow of voltage across components of a device. 

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Having seen the above, it is very obvious that the sensor and manual features of a micro switch are very much different with regards to functionalities. It is very important that you know what such switch is meant for before purchasing one for your project today. 

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