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What Is The Difference Between Micro Switch And Pressure Switch?

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What Is The Difference Between Micro Switch And Pressure Switch?

There has been lots of arguments about micro switch and pressure switch. Most people believe that both are the same. In the same vein, there are those who feel both switches are different in lots of regards. The truth is that having an understanding about both switches will do you a lot of good. For instance, such knowledge can help you know which of the switches to make use of in an electrical project. 

The truth is that micro switch and pressure switch are different in terms of functionalities and features. In case you have been trying to know the areas that they are different, ensure to read the details of this post from start to finish. It will be revealing clear details about the difference between a pressure switch and micro switch. 

After checking out the details below, one fact will stand out. This has to do with your improved knowledge about whether to use a pressure switch or micro switch in a given project. In other words, there will no longer be any guesswork about which of these switches to include since you already understand how both have been designed to function. Let us get on to the main details below. 

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What is a micro switch?

A micro switch is a device that is used to control how current/electricity can flow amongst the various components of a device. It is referred to as a snap-action switch. This is because once pressed, there is change of position which triggers some activities or features in a device/appliance. After some time, it will snap back to its position. It can be seen as a switch which has been installed in appliances and devices to ensure proper regulation of power at different periods of time. 

Just like every technology which has come into existence in recent times, it is important to note that the functions of a micro switch has evolved over the years. For instance, it is not just about regulating flow of electricity as this can either be done in an automatic or manual way. The manual way happens in the form of a push button. The automatic functionalities are carried out through its ability to sense and detect changes in a device. 

Without the use of micro switches, there are devices that will not work as expected. In other words, they will not function up to an optimal level. However, these switches carry out a lot of regulation to ensure such appliances are functioning in the most effective manner. Please keep in mind that micro switch only permit the flow of current into components thereby allowing accessories to be powered at different periods of time.    

What is a pressure switch?

A pressure switch is quite different from a micro switch as you will soon find out. These switches are just like they sound in terms of their functionalities. Simply put, pressure switches are aimed at detecting the amount of pressure in a system after which an action will be triggered. Pressure switches are installed in most appliances to detect whether a preset amount of pressure has been reached. There are two ways to look at these switches in relation to pressure they detect or sense. These could be rise and fall of pressure within an appliance. 

In other words, they can detect whether pressure has risen or fallen to a particular level in an appliance. Just like any other switch, it is important to note that pressure switches have some major functions. For instance, they are installed in appliances to ensure there is no problem of breakdown while working. They achieve such feat through having to regulate the way such electrical appliances work. 

For instance, they will stop the appliance from working once the amount of pressure has reached its highest point. On the other hand, they can make the appliance start working once the pressure has been detected to drop below a particular level. As a matter of fact, most appliances will be dangerous to make use of without pressure switches being included in them. This is because they can explode as a result of excessive pressure. 

Examples of appliances that use micro switch and pressure switch 

It can be seen that micro switches and pressure switches are different based on how they have been explained above. In order to boost your understanding further, some appliances that use both of them will be explained below. 

Micro switch appliances 

Washing machine

Micro switches can be found in washing machines. They check whether water level is too high or low. Also, they can check whether the door is open or closed. Finally, micro switches are included in the power buttons in such appliances. They help to ensure current flow into the components of these appliances. 


In case you do not know, micro switches are included in automobiles (cars). One of their most popular functions is playing the role of detecting whether headlights need to be turned on/off. This process happens automatically through their sensor ability.   

Pressure switch applications 

For proper understanding, we will be looking at water pumping machine which makes use of pressure switch. Of course, these switches are important in such machines given that pressure is needed for water to be pumped. Just as said above, it helps to detect when water pressure has reached a particular level. 

You must have noticed some pumping machines stopping after water has been pumped for some time. This is not due to a fault developed. Instead, it is as a result of a pressure switch ensuring pressure does not exceed its highest point since something can go wrong.  

Another instance where you will find pressure switch at work is water heater. When the water is heated to a particular temperature, it stops automatically. This is controlled by a pressure switch. 

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Having read the above, it is very obvious that pressure switches and micro switches are two different items. They do not just function in different ways but can also be found in various appliances and machines.

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