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What Is The Difference Between Micro Switch And Miniature Snap-action Switch?

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What Is The Difference Between Micro Switch And Miniature Snap-action Switch?

It has been discovered that most people cannot tell the difference between a snap-action switch and micro switch. There are users of these switches who are of the opinion that both are different types of switches. On the other hand, there are those who believe that both are the same in terms of features and functionalities. This is one aspect that can hinder how you make effective uses of these switches. 

As a matter of fact, if you do not understand whether micro switches and miniature snap-action switches are the same, there is every chance that you may not get the best from them during usage. Are you confused about these two switches? Do you know that understanding them is not negotiable when it comes to any project you plan to handle?

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Here is what you have been searching for

The major aim of this post is to describe some details about micro switch and snap-action switch. The reason is to enable you have an in-depth understanding about both terminologies including when and why they are used. There will be no doubt that after checking out the information below, you will better understand why both terms are used. 

What is the difference between a snap-action switch and micro switch?

Do you know that micro switch and snap-action switch are the same? Yes, they mean one and the same thing. Therefore, there is no difference existing between both switches. The names are used interchangeably in different scenarios to mean the same thing. The only thing is that most people are not used to referring to them as snap-action switches. Instead, they are very much familiar with micro switch. The difference in these names can only be traced to how and when they are being put to various uses. They are similar in terms of functionalities and features. 

The reason why micro switches are called snap-action switches is how they have been designed to function once pressed. For instance, there is a contact between their points like common, normally open and normally closed. Once a user presses the switch button, it will snap back and forth. In other words, there is a change of position thereby permitting the flow of electricity in the components of your device. 

In case you still do not understand much about snap action switches, here is a typical example. Once you have connected a bulb and batteries to a micro/snap-action switch, you will notice that pressing such switch can make the bulb to be turned on. On the other hand, releasing your hand from the switch will make the light to be turned off. This process happens over and over again. 

It is why a micro switch can also be referred to as snap-action switch. As you press the button to power on the bulb, the switch changes position. On the other hand, releasing your hand will make it return to its default state automatically. This is a snap-action process. In other words, the switch snaps back and forth as a user is pressing the button and releasing his hand. It is through this process that flow of current is either permitted or interrupted. 

The major reason why they are known as micro switch is their small size. This makes them fit into various electrical appliances without any problem. They can play the role of detector or even sensor. This means the ability to sense various conditions in an appliance in order for some changes to be easily activated. It is through this functionality that its normally closed and normally open is activated. In a nutshell, its sensor ability helps ensure current can either flow or be terminated in a device.    

How does micro and snap-action switch work?

A snap-action or micro switch work in a simple and understandable way. For instance, it is meant to regulate the flow of current in components of a device. You may be wondering how this happens right? It is very simple as you will soon find out. For instance, a snap-action switch has two major contact points as explained above. These are known as:

Normally closed 

Normally opened

Normally closed is a situation whereby there is a physical contact between various components thereby permitting electricity flow. In simple terms, this is a situation whereby electricity can flow thereby powering a device or appliance. This is obvious in bulb that is used above. When the switch button is pressed, electricity has been permitted or authorized to flow. This will have the bulb powered. 

Normally opened on the other hand, is a situation whereby electrical parts or components are separated. It happens when your hand is released from the snap-action switch. In such an instance, it will return to its default state. This can also be known as a resting state according to electronics experts. It is a situation whereby a micro switch is now permitting the flow of electricity into a device. 

Here is another example 

Apart from a bulb, there are lots of devices and appliances whereby snap-action switches are used in. The reason is quite obvious which is due to their high level of reliability. They can stand the test of time because of their highly rugged nature. 


For instance, in an air conditioner unit, a snap-action switch plays the role of a detector to find out whether temperature has reached the expected level or not. This is the reason why such appliances automatically get turned on and off after working for some time. The normally open and normally closed contact points are at work to make this happen. 

It is also the same in a washing machine. A user only needs to press the button and the appliance will start working. In such case, there is normally closed contact being activated for electricity to flow into various components.   

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Based on the above explanation, it is obvious that micro switch and snap-action switch are one the same thing.  The difference in name that they have is based on how they are used or their features. However, they mean one thing and can be used interchangeably.

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