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What is The Difference Between Pressure Switch and Pressure Sensor?

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What is The Difference Between Pressure Switch and Pressure Sensor?

It has recently been discovered that most people struggle to understand the difference between pressure switches and pressure sensor. Sometimes they mistakenly describe both as the same which is wrong given the fact that they are different in some areas. You need to really understand these differences in order to know which one is perfect for every given situation. Such knowledge can also help you understand both in details. 

Are you struggling to know more about pressure switch and pressure sensor? Are you are amongst the people who have been mentioned above? Do you know that not knowing the difference which exist between these two can lead to taking the wrong decision? The major aim of this post is to explain what makes pressure sensor and pressure switch different. Just ensure to pay attention to every detail below without skipping anything. 

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What you have to understand

Based on the aim of this post, it is important to know that in order to explain the difference existing between a pressure sensor and pressure switch, it will be better for each of these terms to be talked about separately. This will aid your understanding of both. 

What is actually a pressure switch?

Pressure switches are active electromechanical devices which have been designed to control the amount of pressure inside a system. The primary goal is not just to ensure such system or machine functions properly. Also, it has been integrated to ensure safety. These are switches which work through having to close or open a circuit which has been designed to power devices. They automatically get activated once a particular pressure has been reached. In order for the system to be switched on/off, the pressure is expected to drop or exceed a given point. In such instance, a contact can either be close or open. 

The reason why a pressure switch works like this is to avoid a situation where a device or system gets over or under pressurized. They are mostly made use of in applications or system whereby safety happens to be the watchword. A typical example is an oil wellhead which can experience extreme spikes especially when the pressure gets to a particular point. Without a pressure switch being used, there is every chance that an explosion or blowout is likely to take place. Pressure switches are used in applications like these to have blowout preventer triggered. This will in turn have the pressure in such system reduced. 

The use of pressure switches has spread to various industries around the world today. Companies are looking for how to ensure safe work environments. Pressure switches play a huge role towards making such a reality. They have been built to indicate whether the amount of pressure in a given system has reached a set point or not. The set point can also be seen as the trigger point. It is the stage where the pressure switch will either switch on/off. 

“Switching on” means the device or machine has to start working as usual. On the other hand, “switching off” simply implies the machine will need to cool off in order to avoid explosion. In a nutshell, pressure switches provide feedback to systems after measuring whether pressure has fallen or risen.  

What is a pressure sensor?

Pressure sensors are also designed to carry out a function that is slightly similar to those of pressure switches. Although they are different pressure switches, both tend to share some similarities. For instance, they can also be seen as electromechanical devices used in measuring the amount of pressure in a given machine. The major difference that exist is that they have been designed to send or transmit read-out signals. In other words, they can provide information about the amount of pressure existing in a machine without providing any trigger function. 

The aspect where pressure switches seem to be different is that they can provide feedback and trigger a system to either be switched on or off. Pressure sensors lack mechanical switch element to make this process happen. In case you do not understand, a pressure sensor is any device which has been designed or built to ensure pressure is converted into feedback. The pressure being monitored here is converted into an analogue or electrical format to provide information. Based on this, it can be said that pressure switches are a form of pressure sensors. The only difference is that the former can make a system to be switched off as compared to the latter. 

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Based on the picture above, the difference between a pressure switch and pressure sensor is very clear. It should be noted that pressure transmitters are also known as pressure sensors. You will notice that pressure transmitters have a dashboard to display information about the amount of pressure in a given system. Based on the information provided on such dashboard, decision will be made on how the machine will be operated over a given period of time. 

Pressure switches on the other hand, have been designed in a way that they do not just include pressure sensor. Instead, they can also trigger a system that will make the machine switch on/off depending on the amount of pressure being measured at every given point in time. In this case of pressure sensors, pressure will be measured and translated into current. The reason why pressure sensors are preferred is during situation which requires that signals are sent over long distances.  

Therefore, if you need a pressure switch or pressure sensor, ensure to know the difference that exists between them before including any in your project. The pressure sensor is only there to ensure signals are communicated visually or electronically to aid decision making. Pressure switches on the other tend to go beyond such function as they cause a system or machine to either go off/on. 


Based on the above, it is obvious that pressure switches and pressure sensors do have their specific functions in machines while measuring the amount of pressure. The difference is that one seems to be more active than the other.

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