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What Is The Difference Between Toggle Switch And Rocker Switch?

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What Is The Difference Between Toggle Switch And Rocker Switch?

This is a question that is mostly asked by people who are trying to undertake one or two renovations in their homes. Or it could be that you are about finishing your house, and you want to be doubly sure you are making the best choice between toggle switches and rocker switches. 

So if you belong in any of these category of truth seekers, you are about to be satisfied with the kind of information you are looking for. This post will be helping you with a sufficient dose of what differentiates a toggle switch from a rocker switch

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Regardless of whether you are using a rocker switch or a toggle switch, you will still have to pay the same amount for your power consumption. It is not as if one uses up more power than the other. Having said that, the actual amount for buying a rocker switch is not the same as the amount for purchasing a toggle switch. Rocker switches are much cheaper than toggle switches. So if you have a concern about price difference, then you should definitely go for rocker switches, because after all, they can do the same thing. 


This seems to be like the major thing that separates a rocker switch from a toggle switch. These days, people do not just install any switch in their rooms. Interior designers take a lot of things into consideration when doing so. No wonder interior spaces of these days look like they are not of this planet. 

Rocker switches have been known to be more suitable and appropriate for contemporary home decors, while toggle switch helps you in making more of a sound statement to whoever cares to listen. So whichever one you decide to go for should be considered on these grounds. 

Finishing is also a factor

In order for you to give your home the kind of theme it desires, you would want to work with specific themes. Something that will sync with the rest part of your house. Rocker switches tend to exist in a wide range of finishes, unlike toggle switches that can only be found in some finishes. Do you desire a nickel, brass, chrome, or plastic finish, you can simply get whatever you want with either of these switch types. But like we stated earlier, rocker switches do appear to have more finishing than their toggle switch counterpart. 

Therefore, whenever your choice of switch is based on style and appearance, rocker switch may just be your best option. Nevertheless, if you are not so concerned about appearance and style, you can prefer toggle switches to rocker switches. They have got some sophisticated designs as well. 

And let us not forget that our preference will also determine whether either of these switch types will be suitable for us. 

Can a rocker switch be replaced by a toggle switch and vice versa?

It is very common for you to see someone who is trying to transition from one switch type to another. While there will be a considerable number of persons looking for ways to adopt rocker switches in their homes, there are others who are looking forward to doing otherwise. So that makes the above question a highly relevant one. 

Toggle switches happen to be pretty common and more prevalent when you go to most places. The only thing is that it appears to be kind of outdated when you compare it to the kind of interior designs we have today. Migrating from the use of toggle switches to using rocker switches can be very simple. You don’t need to have any special knowledge before you can replace a toggle switch with a rocker switch. If you are doing the other way round, it is equally achievable and quite straightforward. 

How to know if a rocker switch is on?

Some persons find it difficult to distinguish between when a rocker switch is powered on and when it is not powered on. There are two symbols that are used in the rocker switch to indicate its states. It can either be in 0 or -. Both symbols represent off and on respectively. If you are familiar with these symbols, you would understand that knowing the state of a rocker switch is as easy as taking a walk in a park. 

Level of maintenance needed

Rocker switches, like toggle switches, are very similar to the host of other switches that are available in the market. Switches would require you to press, toggle, or push them to change their state, depending on the type of switch. Rocker switches are pressed when you want to change its states, while toggle switch has to be toggled for its states to be changed. Without exploring any further, you can quickly tell that a rocker switch will last longer because of how it has been designed to function. 

Hence, if you desire a switching unit that would require less maintenance, the rocker switch may be on the cards for you. That said, if you do not have any issues with an item that may demand more maintenance, then a toggle switch may work fine for you. 

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We can continue from now till tomorrow, and we will not be able to find a 100% comparison sheet for a rocker switch and a toggle switch. Yes, they do have their qualities that set them apart from one another, sometimes the reason why you would stick with one can be traced to preferences. A rocker or toggle switch has been designed to help you switch on your power and switch them off. That is, both of them can be quite efficient at helping you manage how you power on certain consumer appliances. But plenty thanks to this article, you have been showed some things that you can use as considerations in making a choice between both switches. You have been recommended to take a look at cost, appearance and a host of other factors before you finally settle for either a rocker or toggle switch. 

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