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What is The Function of Micro Switch In Surveillance Camera?

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What is The Function of Micro Switch In Surveillance Camera?

Most people are of the opinion that micro switches can only be used in few devices and appliances. Such is not correct in any way as these switches are beginning to be one of the most commonly used items or components in devices. For instance, you will find them in alarm systems and automobiles where they have been installed to carry out some automated functions. They are indeed becoming an integral part of most electronics and gadgets that are in the market. Without them, lots of aspects or features of such devices can hardly be automated. 

One of the devices where they seem to be popularly used in is surveillance camera. Of course, you must have seen how these cameras work when being put to use in residential and commercial surroundings. However, the difference is that you do not know how it tends to work in them to ensure some features and functionalities are automated. 

Are you wondering how such process happens? Do you know that this is very simple to understand? You only need to know the way this function is carried out. There is no other better place to find out such process than this post. It will be explaining the function of a micro switch in surveillance cameras. This is much simpler than you must have imagined. 

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What is a surveillance camera? 

This is a device that has been designed to secure an environment in order to avoid problems related to unauthorized access. It does this through capturing environments in video formats. The popularity of surveillance cameras is becoming increasingly important in a world where people are looking for how to secure their properties. Even in companies, there is need to protect important assets from some categories of people. This is where surveillance cameras will become crucial. With them around, there is no need employing people who will be securing an environment as such will be carried out in the most automated manner. 

These are video cameras designed or built to observe a location or area for the purpose of ensuring properties are fully secured. Without such cameras in place, it becomes very easy for the security of your home or office to be breached. In most cases, just one security guard can watch the video. 

It is important to note that surveillance cameras are different in terms of features and capacities. For instance, there are some that can record non-stop. On the other hand, there are those which can record and stop after some hours. In the same vein, there are camera devices which have been designed to rotate. These ones are the most popular in homes and organizations. They are installed in one place but have the ability to rotate in different directions. The reason for such rotation is to have a clear view of different locations while being on one spot. We will be looking at cameras which have been designed to turn while in one position. 

How micro switches work in these cameras?

Just as said above, there are surveillance cameras which rotate or turn after being installed in one spot. This helps them to view every angle in an environment which otherwise would not have been possible. The fact is that without a micro switch such turning or rotating function will not be possible. In case you have not noticed, such devices have a point they are expected to reach. For instance, there are some that can turn 1800. There are also those that can rotate or turn up to 900.  

The bottom line is that micro switch makes this feature to be possible in surveillance cameras. They are responsible for helping such devices turn up to 900 or 1800. These switches are always activated whenever the cameras rotate and reach their furthest motion points which can be 900 or 1800. In simple terms, micro switches are responsible for such cameras rotating back and forth. 

This makes surveillance cameras like these to be most preferred as compared those that are static. They have been designed to video only one spot or location. With a turning camera, different areas are covered at once. 

How does this happen?

Turning devices are meant to rotate from one position to another. It is a back and forth process to ensure different scenarios are captured easily. Micro switches usually have two contacts which are open and closed contact. Through these contacts, they can easily determine when such surveillance cameras will rotate. For simplicity, it is the contacts that determine whether electricity will be allowed to flow within such cameras or not. For instance, the closed contact is a point whereby current can flow easily within various components. 

The open contact on the other hand is the opposite. In other words, it is a point when there will not be flow of current/electricity in the camera. Note that the micro switch is only activated whenever the camera reaches its highest/furthest motion point. For instance, when it reaches 1800, it will become activated. This is the point whereby it will maintain a closed contact position thereby allowing electricity to flow in the turning device to rotate to the other direction. 

Of course, electricity is what aids the surveillance camera to rotate towards different directions. Such is dictated by micro switch open and closed contact. When it turns to 1800, which is the highest motion point, electricity is needed to help such process happen again. 

The micro switch closed contact will be activated. This process happens over and over to help the surveillance camera work in the most effective manner. Please note that there are cameras which do not have turning devices included. These do not make use of micro switch. 

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Based on the explanation above, it is very obvious that surveillance cameras have micro switches and these work in a way that anyone can easily understand. For the purpose of clarity, it is recommended you observe a surveillance camera installed in your home or work environment. This will aid your understanding about how they function.

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