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What Is The Major Difference Between A Micro Switch And Rocker Switch?

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What Is The Major Difference Between A Micro Switch And Rocker Switch?

There have been lots of comparisons between a rocker switch and micro switch. For instance, there are some categories of people who believe that micro switches are the same as rocker switches when it comes to functionalities and features. On the other hand, there are those who believe that both switches are very much different when their features as well as functionalities are mentioned. Arguments like these have only proven that most people do not understand the difference between rocker and micro switch. This is one problem that can affect you in lots of ways. 

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For instance, lack of understanding about the features of a rocker and micro switch can make you confused about which is the best option to explore for your electrical projects. This is one area where you have to pay close attention since they are tend to be slightly similar in lots of ways. There is no need to be racking your brains though. 

The major aim of this post is to explain how rocker switch and micro switch are different. It will be helping you to understand areas where rocker switches are different from micro switches. The major goal of the details below is to help you make a smart decision while trying to buy any of these switches in the market. 

What is a micro switch? 

A micro switch is also known as snap-action switch. It has been designed to help ensure there is better and effective regulation of current. Just as the name implies, these switches are meant to snap back and forth once pressed. It is the way that they are known to switch between contact points (normally open and normally closed). 

Micro switches are very durable and can be found in lots of appliances as well as devices. They have cycles which determine their level of durability. Micro switches get activated through a process known as actuation. They are also highly sensitive amongst other switches in the market. It is the actuator that is responsible for change of contact positions in these switches. 

What is a rocker switch?

Just like micro switches which have been explained above, rocker switches are also very popular. They can be found in various categories of appliances. They are known as rocker switches due to their ability to rock back and forth once pressed. It is the rocking back and forth that makes them change contact point positions. Once the button is pressed, it can either get a circuit connected or disconnected. Another name for these is seesaw switches. 

They are known for their rocking motion which cannot be found in any other switch. They can also withstand rugged conditions due to their highly durable nature. It should be noted that rocker switches have one single purpose in devices and appliances. This is regulating the flow of electricity. Through them, appliances can be switched on or off. All that their users are required to do is get their buttons pressed. 


What is their similarity?

Before discussing their similarities, it is crucial to highlight where micro switch and rocker switch have proven to be very much similar over the years in devices and appliances. Based on the explanation above, it can be seen that both switches can be used in regulation of current which flows into appliances. It is the only function that a rocker switch carries out. For a micro switch, such is only one of its functions. This means that it has other roles which it is always expected to play in a device. Rocker switches are always found on the exterior parts of an appliance to carry out one single function. This is having them turned on/off. 

Another aspect where they have been similar is that of having the same contact points which carry out similar functions/roles. These are normally open and normally closed contact point. When a micro switch begins to snap back and forth, its contact point positions are changing. This means current is either being interrupted or allowed to flow. Rocker switches on the other hand carry out a similar function. For instance, pressing their buttons can make their normally closed and normally opened contact positions to change. 

They are both designed to ensure regulation of voltage/current amongst components in your appliance. Just as rocker switch can be used to power a bulb on/off, a micro switch can also carry out the same function without compromise. 

What is their major difference?

Having known the areas where micro switches and rocker switches have proven to be similar in terms of features and functionalities, there is no doubting the fact that you must be very eager to know their difference. It is very simple to grasp as such has been revealed above. Remember when it was said that micro switches carry out multiple functions apart from helping to regulate current in a device or appliance. It should be known that rocker switches do not carry out multiple functions. Their role is only to regulate the flow of current in such electrical appliances. In other words they can have such devices and appliances turned on/off. 

Micro switches on the other hand can be very sensitive. They can play the role of a detector in devices. This helps them to know when changes are occurring in such devices. With a feature like this, micro switches have been able to perform automated roles. This means they automatically determine when devices will be turned on/off without anyone coming to help out. A typical example is in the case of a washing machine where micro switches detect the level of water before determining whether the appliance will work or not. Also, in a car it determines when headlights will be turned on/off automatically.  

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Choosing any of the above switches that have been explained will greatly depend on your needs. For instance, if you are executing a simple project, using a rocker switch to regulate current will not be a bad option. On the other hand, micro switches are ideal for advanced projects. 

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