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What type of micro switch are there?

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The needs of all customers of a micro switch manufacturer vary, and this is why the solutions they offer also.

Each micro switch manufacturer creates more than one type of micro switch, and it is almost impossible to dedicate to producing just one, since the needs of customers vary greatly, and the goal is to always try to please a large number of people, to that they can count on the best options.

When a micro switch manufacturer decides to offer its products in more than one way, it is creating great opportunities, not only for itself, but for its customers, who can easily make a simple choice of which micro switch they want to carry, always finding the one that best corresponds to your needs.

This means that each micro switch manufacturer is able to recognize which are the most common types of micro switches that are manufactured in the electronics market, and that is that they vary according to the requirements and functions that are required, as well as in the how they can be activated.

These are the most common types of micro switches that we can find on the market:

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Crossover micro switch.

These switches are quite useful, since they allow a device to be controlled from several points, these switches are usually known as four-way switches, since they allow them to be operated from 3 different points to their place of origin.

Lower stop micro switch.

This allows its functions to be activated automatically, without the intervention of man being necessary. It can be said that this micro switch is a bit smart, since it determines the current limit that must go to a place, and as soon as it is exceeded, it automatically goes to a different state where it cuts off the current flow.

Transfer micro switch.

It is one of the micro switches that considers the security option as a priority, unlike many others. It is able to detect when there is a voltage error, thereby making the decision to divert the load to another of the circuits to which it is connected, that is, it transfers that load immediately after detecting an anomaly.

Rotary micro switch.

This micro switch is attached to an axis, and each time it changes its position, it also changes its function, since for each movement it has a certain function to fulfill, that is, by rotating its position, it is also rotating its response.

Protective micro switch.

When a micro switch detects a very high load, capable of damaging not only it, but the devices that connect to it, it completely interrupts the passage of current, protecting everything that is connected.

Thermomanic micro switch.

It is created to react to two specific situations, the first is in the event of an overload, that is, the passage of a voltage higher than normal, and the second, if it detects any short circuit, whatever the problem, it will interrupt the passage of current. Almost immediately.

These are just some of the types of micro switches that exist, since it is known that there are hundreds more, which orient their functions to specific tasks.

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