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Why Are The Contacts of A Micro Switch Spring Loaded?

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It is has been discovered that most people don't understand much about micro switches. The implication of this is that they have undermined its importance and uses over the years. The truth is that micro switch has gone beyond what it was initially used for. This is because of how manufacturers of electronic appliances and devices are making use of it every now and then. The problem is that despite its increasing popularity in recent times, most people are still struggling to understand some certain aspects about its functionalities and features. 

In order to make your micro switch work with appliances and devices as expected, there are certain facts that need to be addressed. One of such areas that need to be understood is why the contacts of micro switches are spring loaded. As simple as this topic sounds, it may interest you to know that most micro switch users don't really understand it. In case you are one of such people, there is no need to bother as this post will be helping you out today in the best way possible. It will be aiming to explain why the contacts of a micro switch are spring loaded. 

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What are the contact points?

Before going head to discuss why micro switches have been designed to be spring loaded, it is crucial to understand what their contact points are. They are simply points which have been designed to make a micro switch start working once they come in physical contact. Just as the name implies, there needs to be a contact between one point and another before a micro switch can work automatically as designed. 

There are two major types of micro switches which you will find in the market. These are miniature switches and subminiature switches. It is important to understand that these two switches have similar contact points which are usually of 3 types. These will be listed and explained below. 


Normally open 

Normally closed

The above are the 3 contact points in a micro switch. The common is usually designated as “CO or C” on the body of your micro switch. The normally open is designated as “NO” while the normally closed is designated as “NC”. 

There are two states that every micro switch is usually in at every point in time. These could be working state or resting state. The working state means your micro switch is working or powering a device/appliance. The resting state means it is not working. In other words, it is not powering a device. For such micro switch to be in either a working state or resting state, how the points mentioned above are contacting each other is very important. 

For instance, a micro switch will be in its resting state when the Common (C) and Normally Closed (NC) are making physical contact. In this case, it is not working your appliance. On the other hand, such micro switch will be working when its Common (C) and Normally Open (NO) are making physically contact. 

How does this actually happen?

In order for a micro switch to automatically leave its resting state to a working state, it has a switch that makes such possible. Once you press the switch, the Common which is making physical contact by default with the Normally Closed (NC) to ensure it is in a resting state, will begin to contact the Normally Open. It is a very fast process which is carried out by the switch. It is important to know that this process is also facilitated by the help of a spring inside the micro switch. It is the spring which is responsible for the micro switch to leave its resting state into working state. 

Why the contacts of a micro switch are spring loaded

Having understood the contacts of a micro switch including how they are designed to work, there is no doubt that you can now easily know why they are spring loaded. Some of these reasons will be explained below. 

Fast connection 

Spring loaded contacts are the most preferred options for companies in recent times. This is because of how they can ensure fast connections without any extra work on your part. You only have to press the switch and its spring will handle all of the work for such device to be turned on.

In other words, it is the spring which dictates how the micro switch contacts will work. Once you release your hands from its switch, the spring will return to its normal or default state thereby turning off such device. Through the spring, there won't be any need for soldering interconnections. 

Easy to use

Another reason is the ease at which such switches can be put to use. Micro switches have been designed to be used by people of various age grades. It doesn't require any special skills or knowledge to be used as expected. This has been made possible by the help of its spring. Just as explained above, it usually comes with switch which once pressed, makes the spring to go into action. Engineers and manufacturing companies understand how such springs can make life much easier in terms of how electrical switches work. People appreciate when an electrical switch isn't complicated and that is what springs contribute to micro switches. 

Seeing how the spring works

In order to find out how the spring in your micro switch functions, it is recommended that you have such electrical switch opened. Now observe how the contacts are changing positions very fasts once the switch has been pressed. You will notice that the spring contributes immensely to such speed. This is the primary reason why micro switches are spring loaded. To ensure common, normally open and normally closed are making quick contacts thereby helping to power your device as expected. 

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Based on the facts explained above, it is obvious that springs have been put into micro switches to ensure they are functioning as expected. Don't fail to take advantage of what these switches have got to offer today. 

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