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Why Do 12 Volt DC Micro Switches For Sale Fail?

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Why Do 12 Volt DC Micro Switches For Sale Fail?

There are lots of reasons why a micro switch may fail after being used for some time. It is crucial to know that while some of these factors can be controlled and averted, others cannot. In other words, they are meant to happen. It is true that micro switches are the best amongst other switches in the market. This is due to their features and functionalities which most switches can hardly replicate. However, such does not mean they are not prone to failure. This can happen at any time which is the reason why you have to prepare for it. 

Are you wondering why your micro switch has failed? Do you know there are lots of reasons which may be responsible for such? It has been discovered that most users of micro switches do not know what can make them stop functioning as expected in devices. This post will be helping you to know more about micro switches including why they fail to work as expected. 

The major aim of the details below is to help you understand more about micro switches including how they can work effectively. It is to enable you get the best from their features without any compromise. For instance, you will know that just like any other switch out there, they require to be monitored on regular basis. 

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What is micro switch failure?

Micro switch failure is not just a term which exists in theory. Instead, it is very realistic and practical in lots of regards. It is a situation whereby the micro switch starts malfunctioning or refuses to play its role in enabling devices to function as expected. Have you ever noticed a situation whereby water level is not detected in your washing machine again? Do you know such could be due to micro switch failure at work? 

There are lots of functions that these switches do carry out in devices and appliances. They can also help to ensure current flow is regulated in the most effective manner. This is done through enabling and interrupting current flow with the aid of normally closed and normally open contact. In this case, the micro switch can play the role of power button. It is through such means that your appliance will be turned on/off. 

When the micro switch which controls such power button is damaged, it becomes difficult for such appliance or device to be turned on/off once the button is pressed. In other words, there will not be any response whenever the switch button gets pressed.

Another instance of micro switch failure is in the case of sliding doors. Normally, these doors are built in a way that they can easily detect when someone is coming or going. This makes them to close and open automatically with the click of few buttons. When they start failing, it becomes very difficult to experience such features. 

Micro switches which are installed in motor vehicles to enable their headlights turn on/off automatically can also fail. Once this happens, they will no longer be able to detect when the lights should be turned on or turned off. 

What are the causes of micro switch failure?

There are reasons why a micro switch will fail after being used for some time. The details below will be analyzing some of such causes. 

Poor connection 

There are different ways of connecting a micro switch. While some are great and effective, others may not work well. Most of the time, people try to connect these switches without ever considering the option of soldering them. They wrap the wire around the terminals for their devices to work. This can prove to be effective on a temporary basis.  

In other words, it will only be a matter of time before such micro switch will begin to experience partial contact. The reason is simple to understand – the wires that have been connected to its terminals are not firm enough. This makes them to connect and disconnect at will. 

The problem of partial contact is very serious and can damage your appliance if it is not addressed accordingly. It can cause lots of issues for the components in such appliance. This is the reason why soldering has always been strongly recommended. It ensures that the wires are firm on the micro switch terminals. This guarantees better flow of current. 


This is a natural law and should not bother you too much. It is true that you can do something about the problem of partial connection mentioned above. However, deprecation is a natural problem that every micro switch will experience with the passage of time. When this begins to occur, your switch will begin to display various types of failure. For instance, it can stop carrying out its monitoring roles. 

When a micro switch begins to show signs of wear and tear, there is every chance that its components can be damaged. In this case, you will not need to start thinking about how such can be repaired. Trying to even repair a micro switch that is failing due to depreciation can come back to haunt you even more. The best solution is having it replaced. This will make such switch to carry out its role in your appliance effectively. 

Low quality 

There are lots of micro switches on the internet today. The problem is not being able to purchase easily from a seller. Instead, it is an issue of being able to find the right switches that will fit into your appliance. In other words, it is basically all about getting a high quality switch that can stand the test of time.

When your micro switch is of low quality, it will stop working at some point in time. This can be very disappointing. Sometimes, they can even experience rust in their terminals which will bring about lack of proper contact of wires.   

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Having seen the above, it can be seen that micro switches can easily in different ways. It is recommended you check yours constantly in order to know when it starts failing. For more about 12 volt DC micro switches,you can pay a visit to china micro switch manufacturer Unionwell at https://www.unionwells.com/aboutus.html for more info.


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