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Why My Micro Switch Is Not Working?

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Why My Micro Switch Is Not Working?

It is true that most devices, appliances cannot do without the presence of micro switches in them. The reason for this is quite simple to understand. This is due to the fact that these switches are probably one of the most flexible in terms of functionalities as compared to other forms of switches you must have come across. You will find it in countless number of devices and appliances. They are not just used in turning such systems on and off. Apart from this, they have the ability to sense or detect changes that may take place in devices. 

Based on all these benefits, it is possible to have a micro switch that is not working as expected. This is one problem that most people are usually frustrated about. They keep on guessing about what could have gone wrong about their micro switches. The truth is that this is not as complicated as you must have been thinking. 

Are you having a micro switch that is not working? Do you know that there are lots of reasons for such malfunctioning at the moment? This post will be explaining some of these faults that you need to watch out for in your micro switch.  

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Depreciation factor

Micro switches are probably one of the most durable amongst other switches. Once installed, they have the potentials or ability last for years without any problem. However, it is important to note that just like any other switch installed in a device, it can also be vulnerable to wear and tear factor. Once this happens, there is every chance that it will not work again as expected. Sometimes, you may experience some irregularities and inconsistencies in how it functions. 

There are micro switches which have about 5million cycles. By cycles, we simply mean the number of times a micro switch is expected to snap back and forth. In other words, it can be seen as the times such switch can change contact position to either supply or stop the flow of current. There are some which have 500,000 – 1,000,000 cycles. 

It all depends on the type of micro switch that you are using in your electrical device or appliance. This is because if you are using the one that has lesser number of cycles, it means such will likely stop working after some time. On the other hand, a micro switch which has been designed to have millions of cycles will hardly stop working.   

Wrong connection 

Do you know that there is a way to connect micro switches? Are you aware such can affect its functionalities? Most people do not understand how micro switches are connected.  There believe there is a no special way of connecting these switches which is wrong. Just like any other switch, they have a particular way of getting connected. For instance, you need to understand how wires are connected between positive and negative in order to make effective use of such switches. 

It is recommended you check out how to do this properly before attempting any connection. The reason for such is that wrong connection can shorten the lifespan of a device or appliance. This is because current flow will be unusual thereby disrupting a lot of ways with regards to how it functions. 

Do not ever make the mistake of connecting such switch without any sound knowledge of how it is done. This is because you may end up damaging your appliance or device beyond repair. Of course, this can mean spending money on repairs. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you hire the services of a professional who understands how micro switches are connected. This is one of the most guaranteed ways of making it work as expected.     

Low quality switch 

In case you do not know, micro switches are usually of different qualities. This is probably one of the reasons why some will not function as expected. One sign of a low quality switch is how the terminals have been built. There are some with terminals which are not strong enough to withstand pressure. These will breakdown with the passage of time. Also, there are those which have poorly constructed snap switches. In this case, the micro switch contact points will hardly respond whenever they are expected to. As simple as this problem may sound, it can determine when your device will function. 

The quality of whatever micro switch you are purchasing is very important. This is because it will disappoint when such is very low.  There are several ways to go about this problem though. For instance, ensure to always check reviews before deciding to buy from a store. If customers are using and dropping positive feedbacks, there is every chance that such micro switch is good. 

Also, try to ask the seller some sensitive questions in order to ensure you are getting the right item. It could be the life cycle of the micro switch. Anyone with life cycle of less than 5,000 should be avoided. This is because such will not stand the test of time. 

Poor condition 

This is quite different from the question of whether a micro switch is of low quality or not. Do you know that a micro switch can be of high quality and not still work as expected? You may be wondering the reason why such would happen. For instance, if the terminals of a micro switch are covered with dust, there is every chance that contacts between components of your appliance or device will be affected. 

This is one of the reasons why you will see a device malfunctioning constantly. Another reason for this is also when you have not used the right equipment/tools during connection. For instance, when wires are supposed to be soldered together with terminals. 

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Based on the above, it is obvious that there are various problems that can be responsible for your micro switch not working as expected. If you can correct all of these, there is every reason to believe that your micro switch will be functioning 100% without any disappointment.

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